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Type manager text_file_delta failed create_version operation

Technote (troubleshooting)


This technote provides a method to confirm the existence of a corrupt source container in an IBM® Rational® ClearCase® VOB based on a checkin error related to text files being referenced as a binary file along with steps to try and fix the container.


Attempts to complete a checkin results in the following error:

Error checking in 'M:\View\VOB\dir1\dir2\foo.c' text_file_delta: Error: "foo.c" is not a 'text file': it contains a '\000'.  This object's type does not support check-in of binary data.

Use a different type manager (such as compressed file).                      cleartool: Error: Type manager "text_file_delta" failed create_version operation. cleartool: Error: Unable to check in "foo.c".


  1. If this error arises the first time checking in a file (or during a file import process), the file likely has a file extension suffix the cc.magic file would consider a text_file element type or the opening block of the file is in text but there are other parts of the file which contain binary data.

    To confirm whether a file contains a '\000' you can run the following test on the file using ccperl on Windows® or Perl on UNIX® or Linux®:

    ccperl -e "print(@null=grep(/\000/,<>)?'Contains nulls':'No nulls found')" "foo.c"
  2. There may be a corrupt source container. Check for indicators of a corrupt source container:
    • Confirm that the file in question is in fact a text file.
      1. Copy the file to the operating system (outside of ClearCase) and open with a text editor.

      2. Ensure there are no binary characters in the file.

    • Attempt to change the element type using the cleartool chtype command and retry the checkin. If the same error occurs during checkin, there is a problem with the source container.
    Note: Some type manager errors on Windows are reported in the Windows Application Log (Source:ClearCase, Category:Debug). Therefore, when performing the checkin operation on Windows the error below will be displayed and the more detailed message as noted above will be reported in the Application Log.

    cleartool: Error Type manager "text_file_delta". failed create_version operation.
    cleartool: Error: Unable to check in "testfile".

Resolving the problem

The solution for Cause 1 has two different options. Choose the one that is right for your needs.


Change the type manager of the file stored as text_file to a different type manager and checkin in the file.

  1. Run cleartool chtype compressed_file <filename> while the file is still checked out from /main/0


  2. Remove the element (or rmname the element if this is a UCM environment).


Manually remove the null characters in the file.
  • Linux and UNIX
    The following commands are examples of the kinds of methods which could be used to pull out the null characters in a file. They are not the only methods available.

    Option #1

    perl -pi -e 's/\x00//g' file_name

    This command does a global replace on the null character and replaces it with nothing on the file specified.

    Option #2

    awk '{gsub("\000","");print}' file_name > file_name

    This command will also replace all the null characters with nothing.
  • Windows
    1. Open the file in a hex editor such as XVI32.
      XVI32 is a freeware hex editor.
    2. Click Search > Replace
    3. Enter 00 (two zeros) in the find Hex field.
    4. Leave the replace field empty.
    5. Click OK and save as original file name.

You will now be able to check the file in.

Solution 2

Replace the source container from backup following the appropriate technote for your environment:

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