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How to find the correct value for the application server node name requested during DB2 Content Manager V8.3 installation

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During the installation of DB2® Content Manager V8.3, the Application server node name is requested on the "Resource Manager Application" panel. The default value provided is my machine's hostname. An incorrect value will make the installation of the resource manager application to fail.


DB2 Content Manager V8.3 does not validate the node name entered and the default value proposed matches the default value proposed during the WebSphere® Application Server V5 installation : the hostname of the machine. This value does not match the default value proposed by WebSphere Application Server V6 which adds a suffix "Node01" to the hostname : "myhostNode01".


Below is a screenshot of the DB2 Content Manager V8.3 installation where the Resource Manager application information is requested:

Resource Manager Application information in Content Manager 8.3 installation program

The node name needs to match the actual node name of your WebSphere Application Server V5 installation or your WebSphere Application Server V6 profile. That value is set during :

- the installation of WebSphere Application Server V5 (see screenshot below)

node information panel in WebSphere Application Server V5 installation

- The creation of the application server profile in WebSphere Application Server V6 (see screenshot below):

node information in WebSphere Application Server V6 profile creator

How to list the valid nodes in my WebSphere Application Server network cell

If you have Network Deployment edition of WebSphere Application Server, first start the deployment manager.

The existing nodes can be listed by following these steps :

In Windows®:

  1. cd <WAS_HOME>\bin
  2. startserver.bat server1
  3. wsadmin
  4. wsadmin>$AdminConfig list Node

In UNIX ®/Linux:
  1. cd <WAS_HOME>/bin
  2. ./ server1
  3. ./
  4. wsadmin>$AdminConfig list Node

In the case of an "unmanaged" node (when the administration console is accessed by starting the server "server1"), there will be one or two values returned from the command entered above :
- The node name of the unmanaged node which is the value expected to be entered in DB2 Content Manager for the "application server node name".
- The node name of the Web server (IBM HTTP Server) associated with your WebSphere Application Server V6. There's no such entry in WebSphere Application Server V5. On an "unmanaged" node, one web server node can be managed and it's named "webserver1" by default.

example of output for the command

In the case of deployment manager with one or multiple managed nodes, the following should be listed :
- The node name of the each of the managed nodes
- The deployment manager node name
- The web server node names

You should be able to recognize the correct node name of the managed node on which you intend to deploy the resource manager.

Note: see the technote about Installing Content Manager V8.3 on WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment for details (the link provided below).

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