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Administrator ID has expired; no one can administer the Domino server

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The administrator's ID file has been allowed to expire, and there are no other ID files which can be used to access the server. Attempts to access the server using an expired administrator ID results in the following error:

    "Server error - your certificate has expired"

There are no other administrative IDs that can be used to access the server. What are your options?


Perform the following workaround to certify the expired ID:

1. Open the Domino Administrator client. (The server should be set to "local".)

2. Select the Configuration tab.

3. Select Tools -> Certification -> Certify.

4. Select the certifier ID and enter the password. Set the server to Local.

Note: The following error may appear: "The public key that is being used does not match the one that was certified." This occurs because the client cannot connect to the Notes certifier document in the address book on the server. To continue past this error, select "Yes" when prompted with the following: "Do you wish to continue without updating the Certifier ID?"

5. Select the Notes/Admin ID to certify. Note: You will see an error: "Entry not found in index, Do you want to certify anyway?" Click Yes.

6. Ensure that the server is still set to "local" (at the top of the dialog), set the expiration date, and then click Certify.

7. At this point you should have access to the server, as long as public key checking is not enabled on the server. If public key checking is enabled on the server, you must complete step 8 before you can access the server.

8. Copy the public key from the ID into the Person document (Certificates tab -> Notes certified public key field.)

  1. File -> Security -> User Security (this opens the user ID)
  2. Select Your Identity -> Your Certificates
  3. Click the "Other actions" button and choose Mail, Copy Certificate (Public Key)...
  4. Select Copy Certificate (this will place the public key on the system clipboard)
  5. Close the open windows to exit User Security.
  6. Select the People view in the server's Domino Directory, open the user's Person document in Edit mode, and click the Certificates tab
  7. Select the entire contents of the Notes certified public key field and paste the key from the clipboard; save and close
  8. Rebuild the view by pressing the key combination Shift + F9.

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