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IBM releases Records Manager 4.1.2 Fix Pack 1 for Windows and AIX.
August 26, 2005.

Note: To apply this Fix Pack, you must have IBM DB2 Records Manager 4.1.2 currently installed.


This version of IBM DB2 Records Manager (IRM) includes corrections to the software, functionality enhancements to support The National Archives (formerly PRO) standards,
updates to the API, and some documentation enhancements.

For instructions about installing this release, unzip the appropriate IRM Fix Pack file based on your configuration (for AIX, the file is, and for Windows, the file is After you unzip the file, a directory is created on your local drive called IRM_4.1.2.100_AIX for AIX, or IRM_4.1.2.100_WIN32 for Windows. Open the Readme.txt file and review the information and follow the installation instructions.

For additional information about this release, see the technical notices for this release at the following location:

To apply the IRM Fix Pack, ensure that you have the following versions, Fix Packs, and patches for the products that you require for your specific configuration:

Operating Systems
o Service Pack 4 for Windows 2000 (Engine and Database)
o Service Pack 1 for Windows XP Pro (User Workstation)
o Service Pack 1 for Windows Server 2003
0 AIX 5.2

Database Clients
o Fix Pack 1 or higher for DB2 8.2 (also known as DB2 8.1 Fix Pack 8)
o Service Pack 3a or higher for SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition
o Patchset or higher for Oracle 9.2

o Fix Pack 1 or higher for DB2 8.2 (also known as DB2 8.1 Fix Pack 8)
o Service Pack 3a or higher for SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Edition
o Patchset or higher for Oracle 9.2

IRM Engine
o WebSphere 5.1.1 with cumulative Fix Pack 3

The following APARs were addressed in this release:

APAR #: IR53690
Description: Batch Operations:Future Scheduled Tasks that are
cancelled cannot be deleted until the Scheduled Date
Resolution: The status of a cancelled task is now changed to
"Failed" when the Engine Server re-starts. The
user will then be able to delete the task.

APAR #: IO00702
Description: H/PS:Host users in Host groups are not having
permissions properly applied with DoD Extension
Resolution: The user/group membership for the host is now
being imported before doing a permission synchronization.

APAR #: IO01914
Description: Incorrect Reference in the IRMTechnical Guide
Resolution: The link in the Technical Reference Guide was
changed to "Navigating a File Plan".

APAR #: IO01913
Description: FilePlanComponentControllerEJB.getMembersOfSet
Resolution: Sample xml schema is now provided.

APAR #: IO01400
Description: BDL: Fatal error during Import will not remove
Resolution: If there is a fatal error, the table will be removed.

APAR #: IO01583
Description: Content Search will generate error if searching on Content Text
Resolution: Query results are now returned.

Upgrading to this version of IBM DB2 Records Manager requires that you upgrade to version IBM DB2 Records Manager version 4.1.2. The upgrade does not support a rollback recovery.

For any IRM Engine upgrade, API changes might affect your logic extensions, or overwrite any customization or changes you made to the user interface. For additional information about these changes, see the chapter called "What's New" in the IBM DB2 Records Manager Installation Guide (IRMInstallationGuide.pdf).

Document information

More support for: Records Manager

Software version: 4.1.2

Operating system(s): AIX, Windows

Software edition: DB2 8.2, ORA, SQL Server 2000

Reference #: 1215499

Modified date: 2005-08-26