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Does the PasswordDigest field contain a hashed value of the user's Notes ID password?

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Does the PasswordDigest field stored in Person documents in the Domino Directory contain a hashed value of the user's Notes ID password?


No, the PasswordDigest field contains the hashed value of a public key used during authentication when password checking is enabled on the server.
Beginning with Domino 4.5, the authentication protocol was enhanced so that a server may optionally require a client to prove knowledge of a user password in addition to knowing the user's private key. This is done by generating a third public/private key pair (in addition to the North American and the International Keys) based on the user's password and listing a hash of the new public key in the user's entry in the Domino Directory.

It is not possible to determine the user's Notes ID password from the value stored in the password digest field.

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