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How to run NSD manually on a Domino server for UNIX platforms

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The Lotus® Domino® server runs NSD automatically by default in crash situations. However, there might be a need to run NSD manually to collect server status and configuration diagnostic data for other situations. How do you run NSD manually on Linux and UNIX platforms?


Use these steps to run NSD manually:

  1. Log in as an appropriate notes user, e.g. notes.
  2. Change to the correct working directory.
  3. Execute the nsd command.

Example of running NSD manually:
    Prompt> su - notes
    Prompt> cd /local/notesdata
    Prompt> /opt/ibm/domino/bin/nsd
The result is a file called nsd_<platform>_<hostname>_<date>@<time>.log in the IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT directory.

What follows are tips for each step.

1- Finding the appropriate notes user or owner.

NSD should not be run as the root user. If logged in as the root user, use the su - <user> command to switch to a member of the notes group or perform the nsd command using the -user <username> flag to indicate the notes user.

The NSD must be run from the data directory of the partition you wish to capture information from. Because it is possible to have more than one partition owned by more than one notes user, you should use the ls -l command to determine what user owns the data directory in question.
    # cd /local/notesdata

    # ls -l | more

    total 995160

    -rw-r--r-- 1 notes notes 327680 Sep 17 AgentRunner.nsf
    drwxr-x--- 2 notes notes 2048 May 20 11:55 IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT
    -rw-r--r-- 1 notes staff 8192 May 17 09:46 IDB05564.DTF

    In this example, notes is indicated as the owner of the database (*.nsf) and template files in this directory.

2- Change to the correct working directory

The NSD must be run from the data directory containing the notes.ini file of the server application you wish to diagnose.

3- Verify location of the nsd command before you execute it

To run the NSD command, you must make sure you know where the NSD command is located. By default, NSD is located in the executable directory, which is in /opt/ibm/domino. However, Domino allows you to place this file anywhere, so you might need to find where you installed it. You can use the operating system find command to verify the location.

    Notes user:

    Inside data directory:
      # pwd
    Issue the nsd's full path:
      # /opt/ibm/domino/bin/nsd

Additional Options
There are some additional options you can choose when you run an NSD. To see the available options and flags, enter nsd -help.

You can run the nsd against a core file:
    /opt/ibm/domino/bin/nsd <core file>

Or you can run it against a single process:
    /opt/ibm/domino/bin/nsd <PID>

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