ClearCase 2003.06.00 and 7.0.x.x release and patch mappings

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What is the patch mapping for IBM Rational ClearCase, ClearCase LT and ClearCase MultiSite 2003.06.00 updates which are equivalent to 7.0.x.x releases and which UNIX and Linux patch equivalents are there to the Service Releases for Microsoft Windows for 2003.06.00?


Patch Map Table -- Version 2003.06.00 Service Release and SR patches for ClearCase, ClearCase LT & MultiSite equivalents to 7.0.x.x iFixes and FixPacks

Note: The last update for ClearCase 2003.06.16 is Service Release 6 patch 2008B as listed below. Review Rational Product Lifecycle Dates for information regarding ClearCase end of support dates.

2003.06.00 Update
7.0.0.x equivalent
7.0.1.x equivalent
** Defects fixed in ClearCase that are NOT included in ClearCase 7.0.1

Note: For Unix/Linux patch equivalents to the Services Releases, read below.

2003.06.00 Patches vs. Service Releases


Patches are indicated by Service Release (SR) numbers on Windows.
The version is indicated by 2003.06.1x, where x is the service release number.

Service Release 6 (SR6) = 2003.06.16

There are also update patches applied on Windows that are released between Service Release.
These contain the year and letter (200#X) to indicate when the patch was released.

Note: The # indicates the appropriate year and X indicates the quarter of the year.

Service Release 6 patch 2007C = clearcase_p2003.06.16.NT-2007C)


Patches are indicated by numbers on UNIX and Linux and are divided by 4 main types:

  • User Space
  • MVFS
  • RWP
  • MultiSite

Note: These components are all in a single update on Windows but are separate on UNIX and Linux. This is due to the installation technology used in the 2003.06.00 release.

clearcase_p2003.06.00-49 User Space
clearcase_p2003.06.00-48 MVFS
clearcase_p2003.06.00-41 RWP
multisite_p2003.06.00-19 MultiSite
clearcase_lt_p2003.06.00-24 CCLT Basic

Note: The User Space and MVFS patches are required together for any UNIX/Linux ClearCase installation.

Review the tables below for the patch map between Services Releases and UNIX/Linux patches for ClearCase 2003.06.xx

2003.06.00 Patch Map -- UNIX and Linux equivalent patches for ClearCase, ClearCase LT & MultiSite 2003.06.00 Service Releases on Windows:

Note: Service Release 6 has obsoleted all other Service Releases.

Service Release 6
patch 2008B
patch 2008A
patch 2007D
patch 2007C
patch 2007B
patch 2007A
patch 2006E

Service Release 5
patch 2006C
patch 2006B
patch 2006A
patch 2005D
patch 2005C

Service Release 4

Service Release 3

Service Release 2

Service Release 0

Service Release 6 patch 2008B (clearcase_p2003.06.16.NT-2008B)

clearcase_p2003.06.00-55 User Space
clearcase_p2003.06.00-56 MVFS
multisite_p2003.06.00-22 MultiSite
clearcase_lt_p2003.06.00-28 CCLT
clearcase_p2003.06.16.NT-2008B CCLT Windows

Service Release 6 patch 2008A (clearcase_p2003.06.16.NT-2008A)

clearcase_p2003.06.00-53 User Space
clearcase_p2003.06.00-54 MVFS
multisite_p2003.06.00-21 MultiSite
clearcase_lt_p2003.06.00-27 CCLT
clearcase_p2003.06.16.NT-2008A CCLT Windows

Service Release 6 patch 2007D (clearcase_p2003.06.16.NT-2007D)

clearcase_p2003.06.00-51 User Space
clearcase_p2003.06.00-50 MVFS
clearcase_p2003.06.00-52 RWP
multisite_p2003.06.00-20 MultiSite
clearcase_lt_p2003.06.00-25 CCLT Basic
clearcase_lt_p2003.06.00-26 CCLT RWP
clearcase_p2003.06.16.NT-2007D CCLT Windows

Service Release 6 patch 2007C (clearcase_p2003.06.16.NT-2007C)

clearcase_p2003.06.00-49 User Space
clearcase_p2003.06.00-48 MVFS
multisite_p2003.06.00-19 MultiSite
clearcase_lt_p2003.06.00-24 CCLT Basic
clearcase_p2003.06.16.NT-2007C CCLT Windows

Service Release 6 patch 2007B (clearcase_p2003.06.16.NT-2007B)

clearcase_p2003.06.00-47 User Space
clearcase_p2003.06.00-46 MVFS
multisite_p2003.06.00-18 MultiSite
clearcase_lt_p2003.06.00-23 CCLT Basic
clearcase_p2003.06.16.NT-2007B CCLT Windows

Service Release 6 patch 2007A (clearcase_p2003.06.16.NT-2007A)

clearcase_p2003.06.00-45 User Space
clearcase_p2003.06.00-44 MVFS
multisite_p2003.06.00-17 MultiSite
clearcase_lt_p2003.06.00-22 CCLT Basic
clearcase_p2003.06.16.NT-2007A CCLT Windows

Service Release 6 patch 2006E (clearcase_p2003.06.16.NT-2006E)

clearcase_p2003.06.00-43 User Space
clearcase_p2003.06.00-42 MVFS
clearcase_p2003.06.00-39 MVFS - HP & IRIX
clearcase_p2003.06.00-37 MVFS - AIX & Solaris
multisite_p2003.06.00-16 MultiSite
clearcase_lt_p2003.06.00-21 CCLT Basic
clearcase_p2003.06.16.NT-2006E CCLT Windows

Service Release 6 (SR6 - 2003.06.16)

clearcase_p2003.06.00-41 ** RWP
clearcase_p2003.06.00-40 User Space
clearcase_p2003.06.00-39 MVFS
multisite_p2003.06.00-15 MultiSite
clearcase_lt_p2003.06.00-19 CCLT Basic
clearcase_lt_p2003.06.00-20 CCLT RWP
** Note: Update provides support for a new JRE version for future compatibility. No defects fixed.

Service Release 5 patch 2006C

clearcase_p2003.06.00-38 User Space
clearcase_p2003.06.00-37 MVFS
multisite_p2003.06.00-14 MultiSite
clearcase_lt_p2003.06.00-18 CCLT Basic

Service Release 5 patch 2006B

clearcase_p2003.06.00-36 User Space
clearcase_p2003.06.00-35 MVFS
clearcase_p2003.06.00-34 ** z/OS Extensions patch
clearcase_p2003.06.00-32 ** RWP
clearcase_p2003.06.00-30 MVFS - AIX
clearcase_p2003.06.00-28 MVFS - HP (RISC)
multisite_p2003.06.00-13 MultiSite
clearcase_lt_p2003.06.00-17 CCLT Basic
** Note: This patch is for HP Itanium only.

Service Release 5 patch 2006A

clearcase_p2003.06.00-31 User Space
clearcase_p2003.06.00-30 MVFS
multisite_p2003.06.00-12 MultiSite
clearcase_lt_p2003.06.00-16 CCLT Basic

Service Release 5 patch 2005D

clearcase_p2003.06.00-29 User Space
clearcase_p2003.06.00-28 MVFS
multisite_p2003.06.00-11 MultiSite
clearcase_lt_p2003.06.00-15 CCLT Basic

Service Release 5 patch 2005C

clearcase_p2003.06.00-27 MVFS - Solaris 10
clearcase_p2003.06.00-26 User Space
clearcase_p2003.06.00-25 MVFS
multisite_p2003.06.00-10 MultiSite
clearcase_lt_p2003.06.00-14 CCLT Basic

Service Release 5

clearcase_p2003.06.00-24 User Space
clearcase_p2003.06.00-23 MVFS
clearcase_p2003.06.00-22 z/OS Extensions patch
clearcase_p2003.06.00-19 RWP
multisite_p2003.06.00-9 MultiSite
clearcase_lt_p2003.06.00-13 CCLT Basic

Service Release 4

clearcase_p2003.06.00-17 z/OS Extensions patch
clearcase_p2003.06.00-16 MVFS
clearcase_p2003.06.00-15 RWP
clearcase_p2003.06.00-14 User Space
multisite_p2003.06.00-9 MultiSite
clearcase_lt_p2003.06.00-10 CCLT Basic
clearcase_lt_p2003.06.00-9 CCLT RWP

Service Release 3

clearcase_p2003.06.00-12 RWP
clearcase_p2003.06.00-11 User Space
clearcase_p2003.06.00-10 MVFS
clearcase_p2003.06.00-9 z/OS Extensions patch
multisite_p2003.06.00-5 MultiSite
clearcase_lt_p2003.06.00-7 CCLT RWP
clearcase_lt_p2003.06.00-6 CCLT Basic

Service Release 2

clearcase_p2003.06.00-3 User Space
multisite_p2003.06.00-2 MultiSite
clearcase_lt_p2003.06.00-3 CCLT Basic

Service Release 0

clearcase_p2003.06.00-2 User Space
multisite_p2003.06.00-1 MultiSite
clearcase_lt_p2003.06.00-2 CCLT Basic

Note: All other patches not listed in the tables above for UNIX and Linux were released between each Service Release.

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