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Fixpak 14 for DB2 UDB Version 7 is incorrectly displayed as Fixpak 13 on Windows platforms



During installation of DB2® Universal Database™ (DB2 UDB) Fixpak 14 (WR21354) on Windows® platforms, the installer will incorrectly indicate that it is installing Fixpak 13 (WR21345). When the installation process completes, db2level will show the correct information, but the Windows registry will not.


When you install Fixpak 14 on a Windows machine, the setup utility will state that it's installing FixPak 13, instead of FixPak 14.
Once installation completes, you will see the correct (FixPak 14) version information from the db2level command, but the version information in the Windows registry will not be correct (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->SOFTWARE->IBM->DB2->[product name]->CurrentVersion will show a value of 7.1.13.WR21345, which is FixPak 13 information).

This situation has the following implications:

  • Despite the confusing label during the installation, and despite the incorrect information in the Windows registry, the DB2 UDB product will work correctly at FixPak 14 level.
  • After FixPak 14 is applied, if you obtain and install a new DB2 UDB product at FixPak 13 level onto the same system, the DB2 products might not work correctly, because their DLLs are at different release levels. To solve this problem, you need to install Fixpak 14 again on the system, to ensure a consistent environment.

Solution (or work-around):
  • If you do not install a new DB2 UDB product at FixPak 13 level after Fixpak14 is applied, DB2 UDB will work correctly. You need not to do anything about it.
  • If you really want to fix the problem in the Windows registry after the Fixpak 14 is applied, you can change the value of Modification from "13" to "14" in the registry, under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE->SOFTWARE->IBM->DB2->[product name]->CurrentVersion.

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