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Errors: '554 Message rejected for policy reason' and '554 Mail from <sender> rejected for policy reasons'

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Lotus Notes® user Joe Smith sends a message to a recipient at a destination Internet site and immediately receives a Delivery Failure Report (DFR) that states the message was rejected for the following reason:

"554 Message rejected for policy reasons."

Joe sends a message to a recipient at a different Internet site and receives a DFR that states:

"554 Mail from was rejected for policy reasons.

Why do the two DFRs from separate destination sites differ?


In this particular case, Joe's first message was addressed to MARY_JONES@ABC.COM. Joe's message to Mary was rejected with error "554 Message rejected for policy reasons" because Mary was a member of a group (Reject) that was listed in ABC.COM's "Deny messages intended for the following internet addresses" field (in the destination server's Domino Configuration document's Router/SMTP, Restrictions and Controls, SMTP Inbound Controls tab's "Inbound Intended Recipient's Controls" section).

Removing Mary's hierarchical name (Mary Jones/ABC) from the members list in the Reject (group) document allows Mary to receive messages from the Internet.

Joe's second message was addressed to FRANK_HILL@XYZ.COM. Joe's message to Frank was rejected with error "554 Mail from was rejected for policy reasons" because Joe's Internet address was listed in the "Deny messages from the following internet addresses/domains" field (in the destination server's above tab's "Inbound Sender Controls" section).

Removing Joe's Internet address from the above field allows Joe's messages to not be rejected when sent to valid recipients at XYZ.COM.

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First error, "554 Message rejected for policy reasons":

Second error: "554 Mail from was rejected for policy reasons":

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