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Some calculated fields in Lotus Approach are not available when trying to export their data. For example, you have a series of joined Approach databases and you must export data from some of them. One of the fields is a calculated field that does not export although it shows up in Create --> Field Definitions.


This issue was reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# GABN6CCPBE and was determined not to be a software problem.
The Approach Online Help clearly states that Variable fields and Summary Calculated fields cannot be exported in Approach. Summary calculated fields are ones which use information from more than one record in the database.

In one case, a user had a field named "Grand tot Bi. mo. bill". The formula for this field indicated that it was a Summary Calculated field. When the user removed "RBOC Bill" from the formula for "Grand tot Bi. mo. bill", that field became available for export.

The reason for this is that removing "RBOC Bill" from the formula in "Grand tot Bi. mo. bill" enabled the rest of the formula to take information from only one record. Then the field was displayed in the export list.

The moment the user added "RBOC bill" to the formula, the information was taken from more than one record and it therefore became a Summary Calculated field.

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