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How to run Compact against multiple databases in a batch process

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You would like to run Compact against multiple databases simultaneously. How can this be accomplished?


You can use either of the options listed below to run Compact against multiple databases in a batch process.

Option 1: Tools -> Compact in the Domino Administrator client:

1. Select the Files tab.

2. While holding down the Ctrl key, select the files to be compacted.

3. Select Tools -> Compact.

Option 2: Use an Indirect file:
You can use an indirect file to specify one or more databases to compact, to rebuild views, or to fix corrupted views and documents. An indirect file is a text file that lists database file names or directory names and that you can specify for the compact, updall, or fixup task on the Domino console command line. The indirect file allows you to specify more than one database on the command line.

To create the indirect file

Note: The indirect file must be created in the Domino\Data directory.

1. Use a text editor, such as Notepad, to create the text file.

2. List the files names of the databases in the Data directory that you want to fixup, compact, or rebuild. If the databases reside in a subdirectory of the Data directory, specify the directory and the database file name. If you want to fixup, compact, or rebuild all databases in a subdirectory, specify only the directory name.

3. Save the file with the file extension IND.

Note: For the next procedure to work on an OS/400 or i5/OS operating system (iSeries), you need to FTP transfer the *.ind file to the server's data directory in Binary mode.

To specify the indirect file for the fixup, compact, or updall task

1. At the Domino server console, enter one of the following commands and the indirect file name:

  • To run fixup, enter:

    load fixup filename.ind
    Note On a Windows NT system, enter nfixup.exe filename.ind.

  • To run updall, enter:

    load updall filename.ind

  • To run compact, enter:

    load compact filename.ind

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