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Collect troubleshooting data (MustGather) for CICS products - Read first

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MustGather documents aid in problem determination and save time resolving service requests (SR) or problem management records (PMRs). These documents contain a list of the documentation you should gather so CICS Support can diagnose your specific problem. These documents also include diagnostic tips that will aid in diagnosing and solving problems.


Collecting MustGather data early, even before opening a Service Request (SR) or PMR, helps IBM Support quickly determine if:

  • Symptoms match known problems (rediscovery).
  • There is a non-defect problem that can be identified and resolved.
  • There is a defect that identifies a workaround to reduce severity.
  • Locating root cause can speed development of a code fix.

Resolving the problem

Gather the following general information for every problem record:

  1. A complete description of the problem, including the following:
    • When did the problem first occur?
    • Is the problem a one time failure or reoccurring?
    • Was software or hardware maintenance applied?
    • Did the failure occur while doing a specific task?
    • Is the failure occurring in more than one address space?
  2. CICS product version, release, and maintenance level
  3. Operating system version, release, and maintenance level
  4. Related products version, and release levels
  5. A valid contact phone number and email address

Then gather component specific information after selecting a product:

CICS Transaction Server for z/OS components
Click on the problem type or component that best describes your CICS problem. This will provide you with a listing of the documentation that the support team requires to diagnose your problem. It might also include diagnostic hints and tips that will aid in diagnosing and solving problems.

Product Alias/Synonym

CICS/TS CICS TS CICS Transaction Server

Document information

More support for: CICS Transaction Server

Software version: 4.1, 4.2, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3

Operating system(s): z/OS

Reference #: 1208053

Modified date: 13 December 2016

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