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Quick reference guide for using Service Request tool to manage your Rational PMRs

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How can you open a Problem Management Record (PMR) for your IBM Rational product on using the IBM Service Request (SR) tool?


If you cannot solve an IBM Rational software problem with the resources available in the IBM Support Portal, you can quickly open a PMR. IBM provides the Service Request tool, which you can use to electronically submit and manage PMRs on This gives you more control over your PMRs.


IBM Service Request overview

IBM Service Request is the electronic problem submission tool for those with an active support agreement with IBM. Use IBM Service Request to report issues you have while installing or using IBM software. After you submit the PMR, an IBM representative will review it and then work with you to resolve the issues.

With Service Request, you can:

  • Submit and manage PMRs on demand. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

  • Attach files to your PMR.

  • Describe your software problem and environment in your own words.

  • Monitor and update all open PMRs relative to a given IBM customer number regardless of whether the PMRs were opened by phone or by the SR tool.

  • Receive notification by email when an update has been made to your PMR.

  • Review closed PMRs.

  • Create custom reports and download them in spreadsheet format.

  • Update your SR profile, including your name, email, phone numbers, time zone, email notification preferences, and the language for the email notification.

IBM Service Request URL:

Before using IBM Service Request to submit/track problems you must:

  1. Have a valid software support contract and IBM Customer Number (ICN).

  2. Register with

  3. Be listed as an Authorized Caller/User in SR See section: Enabling access to SR

Enabling access to SR

There are two ways you can request access to the SR tool.

1. Use the quick registration and process

  • If using IBM Service Request for the first time, refer to the Service Request Quick Start guide for information on how to register for an account and request access.

  • If you are an existing user looking to gain access to a new or additional ICN, see this topic in the SR Assistance help pages.

2. Provide your login ID to your Site Technical Contact

  • You can also have access granted to you by your Site Technical Contact (STC) or an administrator for your company's account. See section: Who is the STC?

  • Once granted access by the STC or administrator, you receive a welcome email with instructions on how to access IBM Service Request.

Who is the STC?

  • A person receives the designation of Site Technical Contact when your company begins a support agreement with IBM. The STC is responsible for assigning administrators and managing authorized users in IBM Service Request for your company.

  • When the company acquires a new ICN, the nominated STC receives a welcome email with details on accessing IBM Service Request and enabling it for your company. As the STC, if you have a problem with the URL in the welcome email, contact the SR Helpdesk for further assistance.

  • For help determining the name of your STC, contact Passport Advantage eCustomer care.

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