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How To Access a Directory Catalog when Offline via Domino Off-Line Services (DOLS)

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An IBM Lotus Domino Web Access (iNotes Web Access) user wishes to work offline and still be able to access the Directory Catalog when addressing a memo to a user there, and who is not listed in their Contacts. The option "Include Server's Domino Directory" in the Domino Web Access Preferences appears only if the administrator has turned on the option. It causes the Domino Directory (which may actually be a directory catalog) to be included in the offline subscription. The only reason not to enable this option is to reduce the time required to synchronize an offline subscription.


Here are a number of setup steps to create the directory catalog and make it accessible when offline:

1. Select File > Database > New and enter the server name that will be the directory catalog database.
2. Select the template name Directory Catalog (DIRCAT5.NTF), and select OK.
3. Select Create > Configuration from the menu to bring up the Directory Catalog Configuration document.
4. On the Basics tab, in the "Directories to include" field, list the file names of the Domino directories to be included in the directory catalog. For example, names.nsf, names1.nsf, etc.
5. Save the document.
6. In the names.nsf open the Server document that will be the Directory Catalog Server. On the Basics tab, in "Directory Catalog Database Names on this Server", enter the name of the directory catalog file name that was created on the server.

    For example: DIRCAT.NSF

7. In the server's Notes.ini file add the line:
    $DOLSDirectoryCatalog={name of the Directory Catalog file}
8. Restart the server.
9. Load the Directory Catalog server task on the server. On the server console type:
    load dircat
10. To populate the DIRCAT.NSF with names from the names.nsf on the server console type:
    load dircat DIRCAT.NSF
11. As a test, attempt to send a memo to a user listed in the DIRCAT.NSF in Domino Web Access while online. Can you pick a name from this directory catalog?
12. To allow this to be accessible while working offline, open the user's mail file in Notes Client.
13. From the menu select: Actions > Edit Offline > Configuration.
14. Go to the Sync Options tab and enable the "Install a directory catalog with the subscription" option; enter the name of the directory catalog (DIRCAT.NSF in this example), in the "Directory Catalog file name" field.
15. Save and Close the document.
16. Log in to Domino Web Access and attempt to go Offline. The subscription will be downloaded. This should take care of allowing the directory catalog to go offline at this stage.
17. Attempt to send a mail message to a user listed in the DIRCAT.NSF in Domino Web Access online. Can you pick from this directory catalog?

You should be able to see users listed in the directory catalog and address them.

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