RSA / RSM domain is missing although SODA.MCKSR4.HOTFIX.20050209 has been applied

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This technote describes the steps to take if the there is no IBM® Rational® Software Architect (RSA) / IBM Rational Software Modeler (RSM) domain available from IBM Rational SoDA® even thought the SoDA hot fix for version 2003.06.14 has been applied.


NOTE: IBM Rational Software Architect / IBM Rational Software Modeler version 6.0.1 and later have rolled the integration with SoDA into the core product.

NOTE: IBM Rational SoDA version 2003.06.15 and later have rolled the integration with IBM Rational Software Architect into the core product.

This issue might be caused by an incomplete configuration of the RSA / RSM version integration with SoDA version 2003.06.14. If you are using RSA / RSM version and SoDA version 2003.06.14 validate the integration has been setup properly as described in technote #1202111.

If the SoDA Template view is missing the RSA / RSM domains and the templates in ..\Program Files\Rational\SoDAWord\template\rsa appear crossed out and cannot after validating the integration has been configured properly perform the following.

Resolving the problem

  1. Close SoDA
  2. Launch RSA / RSM
  3. Open a model in Modeling Perspective
  4. Apply again
  5. Launch SoDA from the Start menu and open the SoDA > Template View
  6. The RSA / RSM domain should now be available.

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Software Development Rational Software Architect SoDA Integration 6.0,,,
Software Development Rational Software Modeler SoDA Integration 6.0,,,

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