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Regenerate the view.dat file

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This technote explains how to regenerate an IBM® Rational® ClearCase® snapshot view's view.dat file if it has been removed from the view's root directory on UNIX®, Linux® or Microsoft® Windows®.



The view.dat file is a read-only text file used to identify which work space directory is related to a given snapshot view.

Refer to the IBM Rational ClearCase Developing Software Manual under the topic of How snapshot views are distinguished from standard directories for further details.

Note: The filename on UNIX and Linux is .view.dat.

This file is created in the top level of the snapshot view's directory, and contains a string similar to:

ws_oid:69d492a190374b0cbcf2357c44d4447c view_uuid:84bc6dfdb01d458d93fb9afee9e5f94c

Note: ws_oid is the Object Identity of the work space directory and the view_uuid is the Universally Unique ID of the view.

If this file is removed (deleted), then the snapshot view will stop working, and the update will return errors, such as detailed in technote 1209320.

The view.dat can be generated using the ClearCase utility, which can be run from the view's work space directory. This utility ships with Rational ClearCase and is located in:

  • /opt/rational/clearcase/etc/utils/ on UNIX and Linux
  • C:\Program Files\Rational\ClearCase\etc\utils on Windows

Regenerating a view.dat file

UNIX and Linux

Perl /opt/rational/clearcase/etc/utils/ [–tag snapshot-view-tag] snapshot-view-path

Perl /opt/rational/clearcase/etc/utils/ -tag pat_v1.4_cropcircle_sv ~/pat_v1.4_cropcircle_sv

ccperl C:\Program Files\Rational\ClearCase\etc\utils\ [–tag snapshot-view-tag] snapshot-view-path

ccperl C:\Program Files\Rational\ClearCase\etc\utils\ -tag pat_v1.4_cropcircle  c:\pat_v1.4_cropcircle

Review the ClearCase 7.0 Developing Software manual on the topic of To regenerate the view.dat file (cleartool man To regenerate the view.dat file) for the corrected documentation.

Japanese Windows environment

Running may fail with an error because only the English message can be handled correctly in the perl script.

Example of the error message:

ccperl "C:\Program Files\Rational\ClearCase\etc\utils\" -tag <view-tag-id> <view root directory path>

rgy_view_uuid: "".

Unable to get rgy info for view "<view-tag-id>"

usage: C:/atria/bin/ccperl [-tag snapshot-view-tag] snapshot-view-pname

The ClearCase message has to be changed to display in English by setting the NLSPATH variable before execution of the perl script. If it is not set before the perl script is executed, the UUID for the snapshot view (rgy_view_uuid) cannot be handled correctly as seen in the above error.



ccperl "C:\Program Files\Rational\ClearCase\etc\utils\" -tag <view-tag-id> <view root directory path>

rgy_view_uuid: "3ee2c4f595b04602aae9cadc0a049e27"

creating ".\view.dat".

Known Issue

The steps to regenerate the view.dat file located in IBM Rational ClearCase Developing Software are incorrect for versions 2002.05.00 and 2003.06.00.

During execution of the command syntax an error similar to the following occurs:

Can't open perl script "c:\rational\etc\utils": No such file or directory

This syntax error in the commands for UNIX, Linux and Windows was reported as a documentation defect APAR IC44224.

The product documentation has been corrected for Rational ClearCase 7.0 and later.


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