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Getting SQL -117 from ICMMLSUP job if DSNHDECP parm DECIMAL is COMMA.

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If you use a comma to indicate a decimal point, you will get a -117 sql error when running this job from DB2® Content Manager 8.2 on z/OS® if it comes from one of the PTFs.


As shipped, the ICMMLSUP job does inserts into tables in the DB2 Content Manager library server. This is only a problem if you use a comma for a decimal indicator like in Europe. For those that use a period, there is no issue. The definitions for those inserts do not include a space after the comma. An example from the jobs is -
The (1,131) should have been (1, 131). The workaround for this problem is to insert a space after the comma and that will avoid the failure.

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Software version: 8.2, 8.3, 8.4

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Modified date: 09 March 2007

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