Converting binary format IBM Java heap dump (.phd) to text format(.txt)?

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Starting with IBM Java SDK 1.4.2 SR1 the default heapdump format has changed. The default format for a heapdump will be "portable heap dump format" and the file will have an "*.phd" extension. You can convert phd files to txt files to use HeapAnalyzer 1.3.2.


You can use PrintHeapdump utility to convert IBM Java heap dump phd files to txt files.

  1. Download svcdump.jar from the following document

  2. Run with phd file and redirect output to a file:
    java -classpath svcdump.jar [phd file] > [output file]

Note: You would see an exception like "String index out of bound exception" while running HeapAnalyzer 1.3.2 with converted txt file. You can disregard it since it is caused by additional new line character at the end of converted file.

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