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What are featured documents for IBM Sametime 8.5 and 8.0?


Featured Documents lists frequently requested support content, as well as those documents identified by IBM Support as valuable in helping answer your questions related to Sametime. The list will be updated periodically to reflect new trends and issues.

This list reflects a small portion of our knowledge base. If your problem or question is not featured here, perform a keyword search on the Sametime support page to find any relevant documents. If you need more help, you can review the Sametime discussion forum or Sametime wiki, or review the IBM Software Support Handbook for additional support options.


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Recent favorites

Open Mic Webcast replay: Sametime Client Deployment & Management Using Managed Preferences - 31 July 2012 (7027054)
IBM hosted an Open Mic webcast with Lotus Development and Support Engineers on Tuesday, July 31, 2012. The topic was "Sametime Client Deployment & Management Using Managed Preferences."

Open Mic Webcast: Troubleshooting with Sametime Configuration Validator - 25 September 2012 (7035839)
IBM will host an Open Mic webcast with Lotus Development and Support Engineers on Tuesday, September 25, 2012. The topic is a review and demonstration of the Sametime Configuration Validator, a new tool made available to customers for a holistic approach to supporting IBM Sametime.

Sametime Proxy Server 8.5.2 IFR 1 fix: additional settings for Sametime native mobile clients (1600409)
A fix is available on IBM Fix Central that provides Sametime Proxy Server 8.5.2 IFR 1 with additional server-side settings to manage Sametime native mobile clients.

ClassCastException on SSC dmgr after upgrade to 8.5.2 IFR1 (1571776)
After upgrading the SSC to 8.5.2 IFR1, you may see the SSC portlets giving errors that the database cannot be contacted or cannot retrieve the server list, such as the following: "AIDSC0139E: Could not retrieve database list"

Sametime Community Server fails to start properly on Windows 2008 when Domino ID file is protected by password (1571745)
A Sametime Community Server fails to start properly on Windows 2008 when the Domino server ID file is protected by a password.

Troubleshooting the error 'Unable to access Sametime due to incorrect logon' (1084596)
When you log in to a Sametime instant messaging server, the following error occurs: "Unable to access Sametime due to incorrect logon."

Fix available for potential security vulnerability for IBM Sametime clients
A fix is available for a security vulnerability that has been identified for IBM Sametime clients -- the Sametime rich client (Sametime Connect or embedded Sametime in Notes) and web client. For information on affected versions, links to the fixes, and install instructions, refer to technote 1599114. Have questions about this fix? Use the IBM Sametime forum to ask questions and share tips for applying this fix.

Meeting server fix for screen sharing after applying Java update
When attempting to Screen Share in a Web Meeting from Microsoft Internet Explorer, users might be informed that Java is not installed or unavailable. This problem occurs if Java has been updated to Java 7 update 4 (JRE 1.7.0_04) or update 5 (JRE 1.7.0_05). A Sametime interim fix is available to work around this problem. For more information, refer to "Web Meetings Screen Sharing fails to detect Java VM" (1605974).

Recent articles

A lightweight framework to track and manage IBM Sametime client plug-ins
Managing the different versions of the IBM Sametime clients and their plug-ins can be difficult when end users have full control over their workstation. This article presents a light and extensible framework that makes this job easier by collecting the relevant information and allowing the administrator to act on it.

Sametime Deployments and Ports
This article provides additional guidance on Sametime and WebSphere Application Server ports to use, and when to include servers and nodes on the same network. Before beginning your deployment, be sure to read the Sametime Advanced or Sametime Standard technical documentation for help in planning your deployment.

Featured tool

IBM Sametime Meetings Statistics Utility Technology Preview
The IBM Sametime Meetings Statistics Utility provides server statistics reporting on an IBM Sametime Meetings Server.

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How to

Best Practices to ensure a smooth upgrade to Sametime 8.5.2 and 8.5.2 IFR 1 (1579523)
When upgrading to Sametime 8.5.2 and 8.5.2 Interim Feature Release 1 (IFR 1), you need to be proactive before starting the upgrade process. This document gathers common information and tips that have been used to ensure success of the upgrade process.

Sametime 8.5 Enterprise Scale Deployment - IBM Redbooks wiki publication
Now available in the Lotus Sametime wiki, the objective of Sametime 8.5 Enterprise Scale Deployment is to provide a best practice framework for medium to large enterprise-scale deployment of Sametime 8.5.1. Topics covered include deployment planning, server installations steps, integration with other products and components, new features and possibilities, and how to administer and troubleshoot the system.

How to determine the version of a Sametime 8.5 server (1580442)
Places to view the version information of an IBM Sametime 8.5.x server.

How to determine the Client Type that is connecting to a Sametime server (1114318)
IBM Lotus software supports a variety of ways to connect to a Sametime server. Is there a way to see which users are connecting using a custom built client, a Sametime client, or a Notes client?
Tip: Read this technote if setting up Lotus Sametime Limited Use in order to control access by client type.

How to secure a Sametime server to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the server (1087174)
Your company is concerned with the security of Sametime and would like to secure as much of the Sametime server as possible from unauthorized use.
Tip: Read this technote if you want to affect how Anonymous users are handled.

Newest awareness components should be installed on 8.5.x Sametime Community server (1455860)
Steps you should take to assure that 8.5.x Sametime Community server awareness function properly

Can Sametime work with Internet Sites enabled? (1157740)
You would like to enable Internet sites on your Domino server where Sametime is installed. This function is available as of Sametime 8.5.1.

Sametime Community Clustering (1196034)
This document discusses the configurations required to implement community clustering in Sametime servers, as well as how the addition of cluster documents affects the routing of community connections when joining a meeting. Additionally, the steps required to implement a mixed Sametime environment consisting of multiple clusters and/or stand-alone Sametime servers is discussed.

How to enable Chat Logging on the Sametime 8.5 server (1424677)
How chat logging is enabled on the Lotus Sametime 8.5 server.

Setting client preferences
The topics here describe the different methods for setting preferences for the Sametime Connect client and the Sametime embedded client for Lotus Notes. Refer to Sametime client preferences for a list of the preferences that can be managed.

Troubleshooting the Domino Web Access 8 contact list (Buddy List) (1317895)
This document is designed to assist Domino administrators in troubleshooting issues with loading the Instant Contact List in Domino Web Access 8. You can also refer to the product documentation topic Troubleshooting Sametime in Lotus iNotes.

Administrators: Previewing IBM Sametime Standard or Sametime Advanced 8.5.2 IFR1 for your users
The IBM Sametime 8.5.2 IFR1 preview guide is available for you to distribute to your users for new installations and upgrades to Lotus Sametime. This guide is designed to help your users become productive on the new software quickly, and to provide them with links to documentation resources for further help.

Problems and solutions

After upgrading Sametime Server to 8.5.1 users using Notes 8.x Basic and older Notes clients cannot log in (1443291)
The default value for VP_SECURITY_LEVEL in 8.5.1 can prevent any clients older than Sametime 7.0 from logging in.

Configuration servlet does not require authentication as a default (1569209)
The Sametime server contains a configuration servlet that is accessed by several Sametime server processes. This configuration servlet can access server configuration information and is not protected with any security mechanism following a Sametime server installation. You should protect this servlet by configuring Sametime to require authentication for access to the configuration servlet.

Excessive network traffic when using Community Server 8.5.2 (1508444)
When using IBM Sametime Community Server 8.5.2, your environment can experience excessive network traffic due to a high number of redundant presence notifications. A fix is available on IBM Fix Central and is strongly recommended to avoid the negative effect on the server performance. Note: The initial fix has been superseded by a later fix posted 17 December 2011.

Extra configuration step for Push Notifications (iOS) when not working (1576076)
After the Sametime Proxy Server is upgraded to 8.5.2 IFR 1, push notifications are not working on the native iOS client.

Error "stpolicy.exe has terminated abnormally" appears on Domino console (1279888)
Occasionally, there are a large number of errors appearing on the console that relate to stpolicy.exe. It appears to indicate a crash in the stpolicy task: "Stpolicy.exe has terminated abnormally."

Training and certification

IBM Software Services for Collaboration Education offers IBM Sametime training solutions designed to support your technology investment. Training technical users and end users on the latest features and functionality helps to increase productivity. Earning Professional Certification credentials also translates into increased productivity. Train and get certified for the value it brings to you and your organization.

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