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Initial synchronization fails while installing offline subscription for a database

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You are not able to synchronize an offline subscription (through Lotus Domino Off-Line Services, or DOLS) with a Lotus Notes database on located on a Lotus Domino server. You have opened the dolnames.nsf on the client and notice that the "Optional Network Address" for that server's Connection document contains an old or invalid IP address.

If you modify the Connection document manually, synchronization will be successful. However, you do not know where the old IP address is being populated from.


This issue can be due to an invalid IP address in the Domino server Connection document. If you correct it manually, synchronization is successful. However, you cannot determine where the errant IP address is being populated from.


In the server's Notes.ini file, there are two parameters that may be used to store IP addresses for the Domino server's Connection document during the DOLS setup. If the ini parameters contain old server IP information, the invalid information will be passed on to the client's dolnames.nsf when they create new subscriptions to databases that are on that Domino server.

Open the server's Notes.ini and verify that the entries for the following parameters point to the current server's internal and external IP addresses:


In order for changes you make to these parameters to take effect, after making the changes to these parameters, you will need to restart the Domino server.

After restarting the Domino server, any new DOLS installations should create a DOLNAMES with a valid IP address in the "Optional Network Address" field. Synchronization should then complete normally.

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