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Can iNotes contacts be imported or exported?

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An IBM Lotus Domino administrator is going to reconfigure their Domino infrastructure including servers, IDs, certificates, etc. All the users access their Domino mail files through IBM Lotus iNotes. Is there a way to save the iNotes Personal Contact list for each user? Is there also a way to import Contacts from other mail services directly into iNotes?


Currently there is no option available to directly export the Contact list from the iNotes interface or import contacts from other mail services. One reason is the fact that each individual iNotes Contact list is stored in each user's mail database, specifically in the $Contacts view.
Workarounds: There are three possible ways the administrator can accomplish exporting Contacts for the above scenario:

  • Move the current mail files to the new Domino servers in the new Domino environment. The Access Control List (ACL) of the mail files would require modifications before they can be used in the new environment.
Reference: Procedures for renaming a Domino server / migrating to a new Domino server
  • Create a custom agent using the copyToDatabase method that copies the documents found in the $Contacts hidden view on each of the mail databases. The agent can then be used to move the contacts into a new database. NOTE: You can manually open the $Contacts hidden view in a Lotus Notes client by holding down the CTRL and SHIFT keys and selecting View > Go to. Select the $Contacts view from the list.
  • Use the "Synchronize Address Book" agent that is available in all iNotes mail files. This agent will synchronize the iNotes Contact list with the Personal Address Book on Lotus Notes clients. This Contact list can then be exported using the menu items in the Notes client.
Reference: Lotus Notes 8.5x Infocenter Topic: Contacts

This issue has been reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# RAGG76AJ9W.

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