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Where can I find the most current information for DB2® for z/OS®? Where can I download PDF format manuals? How do I get licensed information? How do I send feedback? And more...


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Where can I find the most current information for DB2 for z/OS?

You can always find the most up-to-date information about DB2 for z/OS in IBM Knowledge Center. IBM Knowledge Center is continually updated, as soon as content changes are ready. New PDF manual editions are published on a less frequent basis. The currency of a PDF manual is indicated by the date in the edition notice.

How can I obtain documentation in PDF format?

To find the most up-to-date content, always use IBM Knowledge Center. However, you can download the PDF manuals from the Product Documentation page for your DB2 for z/OS release:

How can I obtain printed documentation?

You can print your own copies of the most current editions of the PDF format manuals. See How can I obtain documentation in PDF format?

IBM no longer prints books and makes them available in hardcopy format. The main reason for this change is that the printed information becomes out of date very quickly. The DB2 for z/OS writing team updates the product information many times during the life of each release.

How do I obtain licensed information?

DB2 12 for z/OS does not include any licensed information. The licensed content that was included in the DB2 10 for z/OS and DB2 11 for z/OS Diagnosis Guide and Reference publications is now available for DB2 12 in one of two places.

The licensed Diagnosis Guide and Reference publications for DB2 10 for z/OS and DB2 11 for z/OS will be available until the corresponding version of DB2 for z/OS goes out of service. You can find these publications in PDF format in member DSNDR in data set prefix.SDSNIVPD. To retrieve and read the DB2 10 or DB2 11 Diagnosis Guide and Reference, download DSNDR to your workstation in binary format, and open it in a PDF reader, such as Adobe Reader.

How do I send feedback about the DB2 for z/OS product information?

Send your comments to

How do I get information in languages other than English?

The following resources are translated:

  • Most DB2 for z/OS documentation is available in Japanese, and some information is available in Korean, Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese, and German. Periodically, IBM retranslates the English language content that has been updated, but retranslation occurs on an infrequent basis.

    In IBM Knowledge Center, the content can be displayed in a specific language, if available. Content that is not available in the specific language is displayed in English. For information about viewing translated content, see the Knowledge Center help topic about viewing content in your own language.

  • Translated PDF format manuals are available in IBM Publication Center. The Translated Product Documentation page contains direct links.
  • You can dynamically translate any page on the IBM Support Portal by selecting a language in the Translate this page drop-down box and clicking the >.
  • For other IBM websites, See the directory of worldwide IBM contacts.

What other information resources are available?

For a list of available information resources, see the information roadmaps in IBM Knowledge Center.

How can I effectively search DB2 information on the web?

To search for APARs and other Q&As on the IBM Support Portal, use the standard terms that our Support team uses.

Search in IBM Knowledge Center.

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