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EasySync Pro 4.2.2 not synchronizing with Tungsten T5, Treo 650, or Treo 600

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Using Lotus EasySync Pro®, you try to synchronize e-mail with a Tungsten T5 or a Treo 650 but the device does not sync and you receive the following error message:

    Important PalmOne Desktop components are missing and prevent this handheld from synchronizing. Please download and install the PalmOne Desktop for your handheld before synchronizing.
If you are using a Treo 600, you receive this error message:
    Requested database, record, resource, etc not found.
    Run all the applications (Address Book, Date Book, ToDo and e-mail) at least once in the device and try again.


This issue was reported to Quality Engineering as SPR #JKEN679LXD and was fixed in EasySync Pro 4.2.3. The Tungsten T5 and the Treo 650 shipped with a new version of HotSync 6.01 that is not compatible with EasySync Pro 4.2.2 or earlier releases.

Patch available for Tungsten T5 or Treo 650:
If you haven't yet upgraded to EasySync Pro 4.2.3, you can work around this issue by applying a patch released by Product Development. For a link to the patch and install instructions, refer to Document #4009093, "Patch that allows EasySync Pro 4.2.2 to sync with Tungsten T5 or Treo 650."

NOTE: The Tungsten T5 and Treo 650 cannot be synchronized with a version of HotSync Manager prior to 6.0, due to their new NVFS flash memory architecture. This is different from previous Palm PDAs which used conventional volatile RAM and HotSync Manager 4.0.

If you are still cannot successfully complete a sync with EasySync Pro after installing the patch, please contact Product Support.

Treo 600:
The Treo 600 uses PalmOne Mail which is not supported with EasySync Pro. There is no workaround currently available.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Known problems with EasySync Pro 4.2.2 when synching with Palm Treo 650 devices
After successfully installing this patch and synchronizing with EasySync Pro, you may encounter new problems, especially related to new features on your new device that are not yet supported in EasySync Pro. These problems are not caused by or related in any way to the patch provided here. However, examples of such known issues are listed below.

1. The following new fields in Contacts are not supported in EasySync Pro 4.2.2:

    -- Picture
    -- Instant Messenger ID 1 (can be AIM, MSN, Yahoo, AOL ICQ, or IM)
    -- Instant Messenger ID 2 (can be AIM, MSN, Yahoo, AOL ICQ, or IM)
    -- Birthday

    To avoid losing any information in these fields on your Treo 650 device, make all changes to associated contacts from the Palm device only, and synchronize contacts so that the Palm overwrites Notes.

    To facilitate this, it is advisable to create a New Profile in EasySync Pro that only syncs contacts. Switch to this profile when you want to sync contacts. Leave the checkbox next to Contacts unchecked for all other profiles.
2. The following new field in Calendar is not supported in EasySync Pro 4.2.2: Time Zone. If you use the Time Zone feature on your Palm device, this means that synchronizing your Notes calendar to the Palm Treo will remove the time zone information from the Treo. All times will appear as local time on the device.
    3. The following new features in Tasks are not supported in EasySync Pro 4.2.2:
      -- Alarm flag
      -- Alarm date
      -- Alarm time
      -- Repeating tasks
      Issues fixed by the patch (in Document #4009093, "Patch that allows EasySync Pro 4.2.2 to sync with Tungsten T5 or Treo 650"):
      -- Synching with PPC devices on Win 2000 and XP machines; after rebooting, AutoSync does not work.
      -- Errors synching the calendar when the calendar "owner" specified in the profile contained accented characters; fixes a character conversion issue between Notes and ESP.
      -- When the calendar filter is enabled, repeating all day events don't sync.
      -- Received error, "Not enough memory in the device. Synchronization canceled."
      -- Some ToDos not synching. NOTE: This does not resolve the problem synching ToDos with pocket PC devices when Outlook is not installed on the desktop.
      -- Duplicate records created resulting in the Resolve Conflicts dialog box.
      -- ESP created duplicate appointments if the last record synched from Notes was a repeating appointment.
      -- "Unknown Errors" when synching Contacts.
      -- "Unknown Errors" when synching Calendar.

      Obtaining EasySync Pro 4.2.3:

      Maintenance subscribers can obtain the full version from the Passport Advantage software download Web site. (IBM Customer Number required)

      Customers wishing to purchase the upgrade can obtain the latest pricing and availability information from the IBM software on-line catalog.
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