PurifyPlus integration in Visual Studio, differences between C# project or a C/C++ project

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This technote provides you with information regarding differences between a C# or a C/C++ project in Visual Studio with IBM Rational PurifyPlus.


In Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 7.x, the PurifyPlus integration fails to instrument an executable when choosing run (F5) from within the IDE for unmanaged C/C++ applications.

However, if Purify, Quantify, or Pure Coverage are enabled for an application written in C#, then the integration works as expected and the application is instrumented when it is started.

Resolving the problem

The way to use Purify with C# code and C/C++ code within Visual Studio .NET is different.

For C/C++ code (unmanaged):

    PurifyPlus > Purify > Run

For C# code (managed):
    PurifyPlus > Purify > Engage Purify

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Segment Product Component Platform Version Edition
Software Development Rational Purify Integrations: 3rd Party Windows 7.0
Software Development Rational Quantify Integrations: 3rd Party Windows 7.0
Software Development Rational PureCoverage Integrations: 3rd Party Windows 7.0

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