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AMQSVC.EXE the MQ Service process on Windows

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What is the purpose of the WebSphere MQ AMQSVC.EXE process on Windows platforms?


The amqsvc.exe is the MQ Service process, which launches amqmsrvn.exe by way of dcom. It normally runs under SYSTEM account.

MQ needs a dcom object, because it does not run as a traditional Windows service. amqsvc.exe is the operating system service that acts as a stub, which creates the dcom object, and MQ is launched from that dcom object. It is done this way to enable MQ to run under a user specified account, which is required for some of the MQ operations.

To stop the amqsvc.exe process (other than by using the 'net stop IBM MQSeries' command), run the command "amqsvc -stop".

The MQSeries (Windows) service (amqsvc) has a few command line options to help should problems arise:
-INSTALL : Reinstalls the registry keys to make the MQ Service defined
-UNINSTALL : Removes the MQSeries service
-SILENT : Hides error messages when install/uninstall performed
-START : Starts the service (Use Net Start "MQSeries Service" instead?)
-STOP : Stops the service (Use Net Stop "MQSeries Service" instead?)

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