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Failure to attach to application for remote debugging

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I am trying to debug my application remotely. I have set up the daemon on my local machine but when it is about to attach to the application running on my remote machine I get an error indicating that the attempt to connect has failed and that I need to check the hostname and port number. Why can I not connect?


You need to make sure that the hostname of both the local system and the remote system can be resolved by the other system. You can do that by issuing the ping command from the local system for the host name of the remote system and vice versa. If either of these are not resolved correctly and the local system is a Windows system, modify the file c:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts and add the name of the remote system hostname with its correct IP address. For the remote system, if it is a Windows system do the same as above. Otherwise ask the system administrator to add the local machine's host name and IP address to the DNS table.

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