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Rebase fails with error: integration activity change set is not empty

Technote (troubleshooting)


This technote details some troubleshooting steps to assist support with resolving the rebase error, Integration activity change set is not empty, when using IBM Rational ClearCase UCM.


Attempts to cancel a rebase operation results in the following error:

P:\>cleartool rebase -cancel
Rebase in progress on stream  "Test_Stream".
Started by "Dev1" at 09/07/2000 01:05:00 PM.
Are you sure  you want to cancel this rebase?  [no] y
Undoing checkins...
Undoing  file merges...
Removing integration activity...
cleartool: Error:  Integration activity change set is not empty.      cleartool: Error: Integration  activity change set is not empty.      cleartool: Error: Unable to cancel  rebase.


This error is the result of:

  • Removing versions from the change set of a rebase activity, or
  • Removing the actual rebase activity while the rebase is still in progress

Resolving the problem

Use the below steps to help troubleshoot and resolve this error, which will allow the rebase to be canceled.

1. Run cleartool rebase -status to get the Integration activity name:

    P:\> cleartool rebase  -status                              
    Rebase operation in progress on stream  "stream:Test_Stream@\Project_VOB"
    Operation is currently being canceled - some  data may already have been
        Started by "Dev1" on  "07-Sep-00.13:05:00"
        Using integration activity  " KRP200000783 ".
        Using view  "Dev1_Test_Stream".
        Integration Stream  Baselines:
    Activities included in this  operation:

2. Run cleartool describe -long activity:activity_name to determine if the change set is actually empty:
    P:\> cleartool describe -long activity:KRP200000783@\Project_VOB
    activity "KRP200000783"                                                
      created  07-Sep-00.13:05:02 by DEV1.CCUsers@H51044      
       "Integration activity created by rebase on 09/07/2000 01:05:00  PM.  
      master replica:  BOSRAT@\Project_VOB
      owner: DOMAINA\Admin1                                                  
      group:  DOMAINA\CCUsers                                  
      stream:  Test_Stream@\Project_VOB
      title: rebase Test_Stream on 09/07/2000  01:05:00 PM.                
      change set versions:                                                  
      clearquest record id:  KRP200000783

    Note: The change set is empty in the above output.

3. If there are versions listed under change set versions in the output of step #2, then remove the change set versions and try to cancel the rebase again:

    cleartool rmver -xbranch -xlabel -xattr -xhlink <version>

Note: Refer to technote 1134544 for details on removing checked in versions.

4. If no change sets are listed in the output for step #2, then run cleartool dump activity:activity_name and check the mod count and activity change set list:
    P:\> cleartool dump  activity:KRP200000783@\Project_VOB  KRP200000783                                                            
    oid=8a5fbec8.60124f49.8c94.f7:d5:2a:2a:bb:7f   dbid=101046 (0x18ab6)    
    mtype=activity  name="KRP200000783"   type=71                          
    master replica  dbid=3                                                  
    title="rebase Test_Stream on 09/07/2000 01:05:00 PM."                  
    process  definition uuid=a8fd8921.bb894d7f.b207.41:e2:d6:2f:ad:2f      
    state  dbid=62                                                          
    role dbid=50                                                            
    user dbids: 103                                                        
    planned  effort=0.00                                                    
    actual start=09/07/2000 01:05:04  PM                                    
    mod count=16                                                            
    parent  dbid=1325                                                      
    Activity change set list:                                                
      index=0  Add version  arrow=101050  crde_oid_hash=222576713          
      index=1  Add version  arrow=101051  crde_oid_hash=222576713          
      index=2  Add version  arrow=101047  crde_oid_hash=222576713          
      index=3  Add version  arrow=101048  crde_oid_hash=222576713          
      index=4  Remove  version arrow=101050  crde_oid_hash=222576713        
      index=5   Remove version arrow=101051  crde_oid_hash=222576713
    ......(cut short for purposes of the example)

    In this example, the mod count is at 16, which means there are sixteen changes listed under the activity change set list.

5. Run ucmutil sync_changeset activity:activity_name to see if there are any mis-matches:

Note: ucmutil resides in the C:\Program Files\Rational\ClearCase\etc\utils.
    C:\Program Files\Rational\ClearCase\etc\utils> ucmutil  sync_changeset activity:KRP200000783@\Project_VOB
     Total of 1 activities scanned.                                          
    Total of 0 activities  checked.                                        
    Total of 0 checked-out change set checked.                              
    Total of 0 mismatched  checked-out changeset.

    Note: In this example, there are no mis-matches reported.

6. If there are mis-matches reported in the output of step #5, then run the same command with the -fix switch and try to cancel the rebase again:
    C:\Program Files\Rational\ClearCase\etc\utils> ucmutil sync_changeset -fix activity:KRP200000783@\Project_VOB .  

7. If there are no mis-matches in the output of step #5, then run cleartool describe -ahlink -all activity:activity_name to check for change set versions or dangling hyperlinks:
    P:\> cleartool des -ahlink -all activity:KRP200000783@\Project_VOB
        Change -> \07105-KRP2-KRPRES\07105-KRP2-02Required\07105-APP2-02  ReqPro@@\main\APPRES_Integration\Team_APPRES\3                                
        Change  -> \07105-APP2-APPRES\07105-APP2-02Requirements\07105-APP2-02 ReqPro\Old-Archive@@\main\APPRES_Integration\Team_APPRES\2
         Change -> \07105-APP2-APPRES\07105-APP2-03 Analysis and Design\01705-APP2-03
     XDE Models\Conversion Data Model@@\main\Team_APPRES\7                  
         Change -> \07105-APP2-APPRES\07105-APP2-03 Analysis and Design\01705-APP2-03 XDE Models\Conversion Data Model@@\main\Team_APPRES\8

    Note: There are no dangling hyperlinks (like Change -> ?), in this example.

8. If there are dangling hyperlinks in the output for step #6, then run cleartool checkvob -hlink activity:KRP200000783@\Project_VOB. Repeat step #6 and verify that the hyperlinks list is empty. If it is, you can proceed with canceling the rebase.

9. If the hyperlinks list contains entries to actual versions, as the output in step #7 does, then those versions must be removed as detailed above in step #3. Then cancel the rebase.

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