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Local database's ODS is not updated when Notes client is upgraded

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After upgrading the Lotus Notes client from one release to another (for example, from 5.x to 6.x) you notice that the On Disk Structure (ODS) of the database has not changed (for eample, from 41 to 43). Why is this?


It is not part of the client functionality to automatically update the ODS of local databases. On a Lotus Domino server the ODS of a database is automatically updated when the Compact task is runs.
An enhancement request, for Compact to run automatically after the client is upgraded to update local databases' ODS, has been submitted to Quality Engineering as SPR# MPAL64NCL4. Currently there are no plans to investigate this request.

There are 2 methods for updating the ODS of a local database:

1. Exit Notes and run the ncompact.exe against the database(s) from the Windows command prompt. From the Notes program directory run the following command:

    ncompact dbname.nsf

2. Create a new replica/copy and delete the old replica/copy.

Note: Creating a new replica will not necessarily preserve personal views/folders.

Supporting Information
The ODS of a database can be viewed by opening the Database Properties (via File > Database > Properties) and switching to the "i" tab in the InfoBox for Database properties that pops up.

Further information on ODS can be found in technote "How to handle ODS database versions in mixed Notes environments" (#1102152) .

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