Using The XML ODA in Linux and OS/400

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The Data Handler user guide is not available to demonstrate how to use XML ODA in linux and os/400.

Resolving the problem

Installing the XML ODA

For information on installing the XML ODA, refer to the Installation Guide for WebSphere Business Integration Server Express, located in the WebSphere Business Integration Server Express Infocenter at the following site:

When the installation is complete, the following files are installed in the product directory on your system:

  • ODA/messages/XMLODAAgent.txt
  • ODA/messages/XMLODAAgent_ll_TT.txt files (message files specific to a language (ll) and a country or territory (TT))
  • ODA/XML/ (Linux And OS/400)

Before using the XML ODA

Before you run the XML ODA, verify that your system has the required files for the XML ODA. In particular, make sure that the ODA environment file has been installed in the bin subdirectory of your product directory.

Linux And OS/400
Make sure that the ODA environment file,, is installed in the following directory: ProductDir/bin.

You must also make sure that the variables are correctly set in the startup script or batch file, which runs the ODA. Open for editing the shell ( file and confirm that the values described in Table 1 are correct.

Table 1. Shell and batch file configuration variables

Variable Explanation Example
set AGENT Name of the ODA's jar file Linux And OS/400: set AGENT = ${ProductDir}/ODA/XML/XMLODA.jar
set AGENTCLASS Name of the ODA's Java class set AGENTCLASS=com.crossworlds.oda.xml.XMLAgent

Using the XML ODA in Business Object Designer

After installing the XML ODA and setting configuration variables in the shell file (see Table 1), you must do the following to generate business objects:
1. Launch the XML ODA with the startup script.
2. Launch Business Object Designer Express. This can only be run on a Windows machine.
3. Follow a six-step process in Business Object Wizard, a GUI interface that Business Object Designer Express provides to configure and run an ODA. For detail ,refer to DataHandler Guide for WebSphere Business Integration Server Express.

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