Data Import Filter Does not Filter Out Hits

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A data import filter is created to filter out some of the hits. The data import filter is added to the project. The next data import completes without any filtering of the hits.

Resolving the problem

The filter definition must have one filter per entry. For example, if one wants to filter *gif and *GIF then one needs to enter 2 separate patterns:



and not two patterns separated by a comma:


The "Help" for "Image View" could be the cause of believing patterns can be separated by commas:

Image View Name
Type a name for your custom image view. For example, MyImageViews.
Use or edit the patterns provided for the default settings. Or, enter your own pattern and click the Add icon to add it to the list. Use the Delete icon to delete a pattern.

Web Site Analyzer uses pattern recognition to determine your image views. If you define an extension as both an image file type and a page view file type, it will only be recognized as a page view file type. Default image view patterns include:

    • *.gif, *.GIF | Gif images
    • *.jpg, *.JPG, *.jpeg, *.JPEG | Joint Photographic Experts Group images
    • *.bmp, *.BMP, | Bitmap images
    • *.png, *.PNG | Portable Network Graphics images
    • *.tif, *.TIF |Tagged Image File
    • *FieldElemFormat=gif* - Lotus Domino image requests
    • *FieldElemFormat=jpeg* - Lotus Domino image requests

This text is indicating the patterns that are in the product for "Image View" by default and not the syntax for entering patterns. Like filters, image view patterns must be entered one at a time.

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