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Workfolder Application Facility Version 5 Release 3 PTF is now available

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Workfolder Application Facility customers upgrading to Version 5 Release 3 OS/400® should not run EKDPOST until they have Workfolder Application Facility PTF SH15297 in their possession.


ATTENTION Workfolder Application Facility USERS* ONLY:

WAF (Workfolder Application Facility) support for Version 5 Release 3 is provided by PTF SH15297, which is available on CD-ROM but not through ECS because of its large size. Contact 1-800-IBM-SERV to order this PTF. In an emergency, the six save files that constitute this PTF can be downloaded from the Web site: The download time can be lengthy. Refer to the sh15297.txt and inst530.txt documents on the same Web site for more information and installation instructions. Also, check with Software Support for any new APARs that may have been found since the creation of this WAF V5R3 PTF.

If you need to move to the Version 5 Release 3 operating system or upgrade your AS/400 hardware, you should not run EKDPOST without having this PTF in your possession. Once you have installed Content Manager for iSeries™ Version 5 Release 3 and run EKDPOST to update your files to Version 5 Release 3 Content Manager for iSeries compatibility, you will run the EKDPTF procedure to install this SH15297 PTF. See the inst530.txt file on the for complete directions.

The WAF V5R3 PTF will be required to maintain synchronization with Content Manager for iSeries file updates. Please check with IBM® Content Manager for iSeries technical support by calling 1-800-IBM-SERV when you are planning your migration if you have any questions or concerns.

*NOTE: WAF users are users who are currently using the IWPM (ImagePlus® Workstation Program) and 5250 green screen interface or who use programs written using the WAF APIs and user exits. (Examples of WAF APIs are FETCHOBJ, SENDOBJ, STOROBJ, etc.)

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