Common Reasons for Application Bind Errors

Technote (troubleshooting)


A list of common reasons for application bind errors and recommended solutions.


Several problems can cause these errors:

  • PORT statement conflict (EACCES). Common causes are:
    - The port you are using is defined in PORTRANGE
    - The started application name doesn't match the application name defined in the PORT statement
    - The user ID associated with the application does not have access to the SAF resource specified on the PORTRANGE statement.
  • Socket already bound to the port (EADDRINUSE). Common causes are:
    - SO_REUSEADDR was not used
    - The socket is bound to same port/IP address pair, without SHAREPORT (only TCP)
  • IP address conflict (EADDRNOTAVAIL). Common causes are:
    - IP address not valid (for example, a broadcast or nonexistent IP address)
    - Various DVIPA failures (for example, JRDVIPACONFLICTIPADDR - DVIPA already active on another stack that will not release it.)

Resolving the problem

Review the common causes and take appropriate action.

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