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Incorrect line utilization reported by NPM with speed parm coded

Technote (troubleshooting)


NetView Performance Monitor reports high line utilization even though we feel that the speed is coded correctly in the NCP line definitions.

Resolving the problem

NPM uses the line speed as specified by the NCP administrator to compute the theoretical maximum throughput on the line. NPM divides this number into the actual line throughput during the collection interval to compute the line utilization. If the speed is not coded correctly, or if the speed isn't consistently negotiated, the link utilization as reported by NPM will be incorrect.

Even if the speed is coded correctly in the NCP generation statements, any NPM.SPEED keywords, in the NCP's VTAMLST member will override them, if they are coded and the values differ. The speed values specified in the NPM.SPEED will overlay those coded in the NCP LINE macro NDF definitions.

NPM generic line statements in FNMSTRT (or a member invoked from FNMSTRT) might also be specifying a different line speed. Again, the generic or line statement will overlay the NCP LINE macro NDF definition and the NPM.SPEED VTAMLST definitions.

One way to check this is to run an NPM batch report for the line in question. One of the fields in the NPM batch report will contain the PLINESPD and SLINESPD, which are the Primary Line Speed and Secondary Line Speed.

If they are not the same as what is coded on the NCP's NDF generation statements, then investigate to find where/how they have been replaced / superseded or if the speed is being negotiated differently than expected. Again, remember that NPM bases it's calculation of line speed on a linear scale based on a line speed definition in either the NCP GEN or NPM's.

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NetView Performance Monitor

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Software version: 2.2, 2.7

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Modified date: 2013-10-15