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Manually remove Web views for CCRC and CCWeb

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How can you remove a view in IBM Rational ClearCase Web (CCWeb) or IBM Rational ClearCase Remote Client (CCRC) from the IBM Rational Web Platform (RWP) server upon which it is hosted?


The proper way to remove a ClearCase Web view is through the CCWeb interface or CCRC interface.


If the above noted method is not possible, you can use the following steps to clean up the view from the RWP server.

  1. Open a command prompt and list the view tag you wish to remove:

    cleartool lsview -long <view_tag>

    C:\>cleartool lsview -long ccweb_view
    Tag: ccweb_view
     Global path: <no-gpath>
     Server host: HOST1
     Region: dev
     Active: NO
     View tag uuid:d4487104.e69d4a07.9994.34:50:e0:23:37:97
    View on host: HOST1
    View server access path: C:\ccweb\user\ccweb_view\view.stg
    View uuid: d4487104.e69d4a07.9994.34:50:e0:23:37:97
    View attributes: snapshot,webview
    View owner: DOM\user

  2. Using the View uuid line from the output above, remove the checkout references from the VOB:

    cleartool rmview -uuid <uuid> -all

    C:\>cleartool rmview -uuid d4487104.e69d4a07.9994.34:50:e0:23:37:97 -all
    Can't remove view "<no-gpath>" from VOB while view still exists.

    Remove view "<no-gpath>" references from VOB anyway?  [no] y
    Removed references to view "d4487104.e69d4a07.9994.34:50:e0:23:37:97" from VOB host1:e:\ClearCase_Storage\VOBs\multisite_vob.vbs".
    Removed references to view "d4487104.e69d4a07.9994.34:50:e0:23:37:97" from VOB "host1:e:\ClearCase_Storage\VOBs\test.vbs".
    Removed references to view "d4487104.e69d4a07.9994.34:50:e0:23:37:97" from VOB "host1:e:\ClearCase_Storage\VOBs\private.vbs".

    Note: The view uuid can also be obtained from the second line of the ".view" file in the view storage, if that is still present.

  3. End the view server process using the command cleartool endview -server

    C:\>cleartool endview -server ccweb_view

  4. Unregister the view:

    cleartool unregister -view -uuid <uuid>

    C:\>cleartool unregister -view -uuid d4487104.e69d4a07.9994.34:50:e0:23:37:97

  5. Remove the view tag

    cleartool rmtag -view <view name>

    C:\>cleartool rmtag -view ccweb_view

  6. Remove references to the view in the user's session.dat file.

    For ClearCase or the session.dat file is no longer generated from ClearCase as a result of APAR PM03334. If you are using ClearCase or later, you can skip this step.

    Note: Every CCWeb/CCRC user has their own session.dat file which contains references to their web views. The session.dat files is stored in the following directory (by default):

    Windows®: C:\Program Files\Rational\ClearCase\var\ccweb\<user>\session.dat
    UNIX® / Linux®: /var/adm/rational/clearcase/ccweb/<user>/session.dat

    Open session.dat in a text editor and remove the following lines:
    1. For the first line in the file, if you removed the view that shows up after the "-lastview" argument, then delete everything on that first line after -domain <DOMAIN_NAME>.

      Note: UNIX and Linux will not have a reference to -domain as it is Windows only. Delete everything after username.

    2. If view that appears after the "-lastview" argument is not a view you are removing, then ignore this line.

    3. Remove each of the lines in which any views that you removed appears.

    4. Save the modified session.dat file.

      Example session.dat file when removing Administrator_web_test5 (before edit):

      -session 4491 -username "Administrator" -domain "CCSUPWEST" -lastpvob
      /pvob1" -lastview "Administrator_web_test5"

      -session 4847 -viewtag "Administrator_web_dev" -workroot "C:/web_dev" -viewroot "C:\ccweb\Administrator\Administrator_web_dev" -stream "Administrator_testProj_2@\pvob1"
      -session 8995 -viewtag "Administrator_web_dev2" -workroot "c:/web_dev2" -viewroot "C:\ccweb\Administrator\Administrator_web_dev2" -stream "Administrator_project3_2@\pvob1"
      -session 18484 -viewtag "Administrator_web_test5" -workroot "c:/web_test5" -viewroot "C:\ccweb\Administrator\Administrator_web_test5"

      Example Session.dat file (after edit):

      -session 4491 -username "Administrator" -domain "CCSUPWEST"
      -session 4847 -viewtag "Administrator_web_dev" -workroot "C:/web_dev" -viewroot "C:\ccweb\Administrator\Administrator_web_dev" -stream "Administrator_testProj_2@\pvob1"
      -session 8995 -viewtag "Administrator_web_dev2" -workroot "c:/web_dev2" -viewroot "C:\ccweb\Administrator\Administrator_web_dev2" -stream "Administrator_project3_2@\pvob1"

  7. Remove the view storage and cached files stored on CCWeb server.

    By default, view.stg (CCRC / CCWeb view storage), view.dat and VOB's cached files are stored in the following location:

    Windows®: C:\ccweb\<user>\<view_tag>
    UNIX® / Linux®: /var/adm/rational/clearcase/ccweb/<user>/<view_tag>

    Remove the <view_tag> folder located in the location above. This will remove view's storage files, view.dat and VOB's cached files and will let the user create a new view using the same / original view's name.

    Note: It may also be necessary to manually remove the view workspace if the view is still present on the CCRC client. This can done by navigating to the defined workspace on the client system (by default C:\Documents and Settings\<user-name>\view_tag) and removing the view workspace. This path to the workspace is listed in the session .dat file. The entry looks like this: -workroot "c:/web_dev2". This may become useful in a case where the user did not use the default location.
  8. CCRC view roots are also cached in a file on the client in the User Profile.
    Check the following file and remove the already removed view from that list as well.

    C:\Documents and Settings\<user-name>\.ccase_wvreg
    On Linux the view root is usually located in /home/<user>

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