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Getting the local network IP address using a Robot Functional Test

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How do you create an IBM Rational Robot Functional script that obtains the local IP address?


Follow these steps to make a script that will identify the local IP address.

1) Create a batch file that calls the Windows IPCONFIG Utility.

    Use a text editor like NotePad and create a file called ip.bat.

    Include in the file the following line:
    ipconfig > c:\ip.txt
    Save this file to the root of the C: drive.

2) Then add the following code to your script:.
Dim Result As Integer

    Dim l$, ip$

    Result = Shell("C:\ip.bat")


    Do Until Dir("C:\ip.txt")<>""



    Open "C:\ip.txt" For Input As #1

    Do Until EOF(1)

        Line Input #1, l$

        if InStr(l$,"IP Address") Then


            MsgBox ip$            

        End If    


    Close #1

This will save the IP Address in the variable called ip$.


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