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The DB2 Records Manager team has released a new fix pack for IRM 3.1.1
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The IBM DB2 Records Manager 3.1.1 contains a list of all issues resolved by Fix Pack.
IBM DB2 Records Manager Engine v3.1 build

I . Update Database:
NOTE: This fix pack can only be applied on IRM 3.1 database schema marked as build 26. ( - DB2 8.1). Trying to install this fix pack on top of any other database build will fail. If the database schema is marked as build 27, then the Fix Pack database script is not required to be ran.

Before installing the fix pack make sure you back up the database. In case the installation fails, changes are not rolled back so a database restore will be required.

IBM DB2 Records Manager 3.1 Fix Pack Resolved Issues:

Issue 1: Reservation Reports
Issue 2: Audit Queries
Issue 3: Saved Queries
Issue 4: File Plan Administration: Permissions
Issue 5: Permission/Function Access Rights/Reservation Functionality
Issue 6: Permissions/Function Access Rights/Reservation Functionality
Issue 7: Inheritance of Life Cycle Code
Issue 8: Inheritance of Disposal Authority
Issue 9: Life Cycle Operation Functionality/Audit Configuration
Issue 10: File Plan Administration
Issue 11: Life Cycle Operation Functionality
Issue 12: File Plan Administration/Security Users & Groups
Issue 13: Database Upgrade Functionality
Issue 14: Life Cycle Operation Functionality
Issue 15: File Plan Administration Actions list
Issue 16: Advanced Queries
Issue 17: Host User Functionality
Issue 18: Batch Operation
Issue 19: Advanced Queries.

Also some miscellaneous items

Auto Classify:
Any Auto Classify Rules previously created in 3.1 that contain parenthesis "(" or ")", will cause an error when it is executed because of a bug in 3.1. This bug has been fixed in this fix pack, however if you currently have any auto classify rules containing parenthesis, you must open the rule using Records Manager Admin Client, and then re-save the rule. This will fix the problem.

Saved Queries:
If you have one or more saved queries in IRM 2.1.1 then you must run the 3.1 database upgrade included with this fix pack for these queries to be converted successfully.

Profiles and Defaults:
If you have defined one or more profiles or defaults in IRM 2.1.1 and:
1. You are currently running IRM 2.1.1 and wish to upgrade to IRM 3.1
You must run the IRM 2.1.1 to 3.1 database upgrade program that comes with this fix pack to ensure proper conversion of these profiles and defaults.


2. You have already upgraded to IRM 3.1 from 2.1.1
You must run the DBConverter.bat utility to translate the 2.1.1 profile and default definitions that were not correctly upgraded by the original 3.1 database upgrade program, failing to do so will result in "java.lang.NullPointerException" whenever one of those profiles or defaults is accessed. Please refer to DBConverterTool_Readme.txt for full details.

DTD (Document Type Definition):
Advanced Query now includes a new report output option for "DTD". If you select this radio button then the DTD for the selected object type will be saved to disk with an extension of "DTD". This file can be used by some 3rd party report designers to design WYSIWYG report templates for IRM reports.
For example, products such as Stylevision ( can import an IRM generated XML data file as well as the corresponding DTD file and use this information to generate a WYSIWYG report template. This template can then be exported as an XSL-FO template, which can be imported into IRM for use when generating PDF reports.

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