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Recalling a Notes message once it is sent

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A user mistakenly send a message out to a user or group and would like to go back and modify the message after they have clicked the Send button in Lotus Notes® or Domino® Web Access. Is it possible to recall a message once it has been sent?


Notes (7.x and prior versions) & Domino Web Access
Once the sender of a message clicks the Send button in a Notes client version 7.x or prior, or Domino® Web Access, there is no functionality to recall or retrieve that message to prevent the recipient(s) from reading it in their mail file.

The administrator may be able to open the on the server, and if the message is still in that, delete the message. If the message was delivered to the recipient and if the administrator has access to the mail file, they may open that user's mail file and remove the message.

This issue was reported to Quality Engineering as an enhancement request; however, there are no plans to address this functionality request in the Notes/Domino 6.x code stream. An enhancement request for this issue in the 7.x code stream is under investigation.

Notes 8.x
Message recall functionality is available starting in Notes/Domino version 8. Some considerations:

For more detailed information, refer to the following developerWorks article: "Using the Message Recall feature in IBM Lotus Notes and Domino V8"

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