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Domino Web Access warning: 'Item not found exception – OutOfOffice.lss'

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When an IBM Lotus Domino Web Access (iNotes Web Access) user attempts to enable and save the Out of Office (OOO) agent, the following error message appears:

    "Domino Web Access Warning
    Problem: Item Not Found Exception – OutOfOffice.lss
    Solution: Click your browser’s back button to try again."


In this case the user's mail file contained an Out Of Office (OOO) agent titled, "iwa_OutOfOffice". This agent's properties had been changed so that it was set to not allow refresh or replace of design (via the property, "Prohibit Design Refresh or Replace to Modify"). The mail file also contained the standard OOO agent, "OutOfOffice".

The problem is caused by the "iwa_OutOfOffice" agent. Delete this agent and the issue is resolved.

Normally, when upgrading from a pre-6.0.2 release of iNotes/Domino Web Access, the "iwa_OutOfOffice" agent would automatically be deleted from the database design. However, having the property "Prohibit Design Refresh or Replace to Modify" enabled prevented this from happening.

iNotes/Domino Web Access release 6.0.2 and later should contain only one Out of Office agent called "OutOfOffice". The "iwa_OutOfOffice" agent is from previous releases, and is no longer necessary; it should be deleted.

Background information on iNotes/Domino Web Access 6.0.1 and earlier:

In iNotes/Domino Web Access 6.0.1 and earlier, there are two Out of Office agents; the "regular" Notes Client OOO agent and the iNotes OOO agent (which is created from the regular OOO agent). The latter resides in the design of the iNotes5.ntf template. When a user saves their OOO settings in iNotes (using the browser), the "iwa_OutOfOffice" agent is created/used. However, if this iNotes user is currently in a Notes Client and saves their OOO settings, then the "regular" OOO agent is used. If you use both an iNotes client and a Notes client to access your mail file, it is recommended that you always use only one of these clients to enable and disable your OOO agent.

If OOO agent settings are saved from the Notes client, they are saved in the regular OOO agent, not the IWA_OutofOffice Agent.

Since the iwa_OutofOffice agent is created from the "regular" OOO agent, the settings are the default values from the original OOO agent.

In 6.0.2 and newer (iNotes6.ntf) versions of Domino Web Access there is only one Out of Office agent (called "OutOfOffice") as stated above. Therefore, the above background information no longer applies.

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