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Config spec semantic processing failed

Technote (troubleshooting)


This technote explains why creating an IBM® Rational® ClearCase® view on a UNIX® or Linux® view server and then synchronizing the view to a Microsoft® Windows® region results in the error, Config spec semantic processing failed, while attempting to edit the config spec on Windows.


If your config spec includes a VOB or directory rule like this:

element * CHECKEDOUT
/vob/src_vob/code/... /main/bugfix/LATEST
element * /main/LATEST

which contains a path name as a pattern ( /vob/src_vob/code/...), and you edit the config spec of this view on a Windows client, you will see the following errors when you save any modifications:

M:\unix_view>cleartool edcs
Set config spec for view "unix_view"?  [yes]
cleartool: Error: No registered VOB tag in path: "/vob/src_code/code/...".
cleartool: Error: Config spec semantic processing failed.


The pattern in the config spec is selecting a UNIX style path (/vob/src_code/code).

Diagnosing the problem

Executing a cleartool lsvob on the Windows client will show a different path for the VOB.

M:\unix_view>cleartool lsvob
  \src_code          \\host1\vobstore\src_code.vbs private

Resolving the problem

Edit the config spec, and change the forward slashes in the element path to backslashes so the Windows client will register the correct path.

Element \src_vob\code\... /main/bugfix/LATEST
Element * /main/LATEST

Note: With this config spec, the view will only be usable from a Windows client.

Review the ClearCase Managing Software Projects manual on the topic of Sharing config specs among Linux, the UNIX system, and Windows system for information regarding sharing views from different operating system platforms.

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Software version: 7.0, 2002.05.00, 2003.06.00

Operating system(s): AIX, HP-UX, Linux, Solaris, Windows

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Modified date: 27 October 2010

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