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Your WebSphere MQ application program fails with reason code 2085 (MQRC_UNKNOWN_OBJECT_NAME) when you attempt to open a queue.



This reason code is issued when an application opens a queue, and the queue manager cannot resolve to a queue name specified in the MQOPEN object descriptor (MQOD).

The most likely reason is that a wrong queue name was specified on the MQOPEN API call.

Resolving the problem

Debugging techniques:

If the queue is a locally defined queue:

  • Verify that your program is connecting to the correct queue manager.
  • Use the MQSC dis ql(*) command to determine if the target queue is defined.
  • Make sure that your program specifies the correct queue name in the correct case.

If the queue is a cluster queue:
  • Same general rules as above.
  • If you expect the MQOPEN to resolve to a cluster queue that is not locally defined, you must not specify the ObjectQMgrName in the object descriptor (MQOD).
  • 2085 may indicate WebSphere MQ cluster configuration problems.
    • Ensure that the cluster queue managers have working channel connections to, and from the repository queue manager using: MQSC dis chs(*) command.
    • Ensure that the queue is shared in the cluster using: MQSC dis ql(*) command.
  • 2085 opening a cluster queue for input is not supported.

Corrective actions
  • Specify the correct queue name
  • Define the queue
  • Do not specify ObjectQMgrName in the object descriptor (MQOD)
  • Resolve cluster channel issues
  • Share the queue in the cluster

In this test we successfully put a message to target queue SVR.LQ. This works as expected.

Notice what happens when we specify this same queue name in lower case. We fail with 2085.

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