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At what maintenance level is my C/C++ compiler?

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How do I determine what maintenance is applied to the compiler?


Using the PHASEID compile option identifies what fixes, PTF's, you have applied to the compiler. This information is valuable to IBM service when trying to diagnose C/C++ compiler problems.

In Batch, use the PHASEID compiler option PARM='PHASEID' on invocation of the compiler step. Use CPARM if using compiler procs.

In USS you can add -Wc,PHASEID to specify the option. See the Specifying Compiler Options section of the C/C++ Users Guide for more details.

The output from the PHASEID is written to stderr under USS and //SYSOUT DD in batch. Here is sample output from the PHASEID option:

CCN0000(I) Product(5694-A01) Phase(CCNEOPTP) Level(UK40282.z1r9)
CCN0000(I) Product(5694-A01) Phase(CCNDRVR ) Level(UK40282.z1r9)
CCN0000(I) Product(5694-A01) Phase(CCNEP ) Level(UK40282.z1r9)
CCN0000(I) Product(5694-A01) Phase(CCNETBY ) Level(UK40282.z1r9)

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