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Can I use the cross-loader function with LOB columns?

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Can I use the cross-loader function with LOB columns?


Yes, you can use the cross-loader function to load LOB columns.

An architectural limit in the LOAD utility precludes processing
of input records where the sum of the column lengths exceeds
32767. When this condition is detected message DSNU1178I is

For the CrossLoad function of the LOAD utility, the processing
of LOB columns is changed to use a separate buffer to bypass the
architectural limit of 32767 bytes. Now, LOAD with INCURSOR will
store only 8 bytes per LOB column within the 32767 byte buffer.
As long as the sum of the lengths of the non-LOB columns plus
the sum of 8 bytes per LOB column does not exceed 32767, the
CrossLoading of tables with LOB columns will only be limited by
memory available above the 16MB line. The explanation text in
the DSNU1178I message is changed to reflect this. If the user
receives this message, then increasing the region size will
likely result in successful execution of the LOAD utility.

Until the batch address space piece of this fix is made
available to the library search of DSNUTILB and DB2 is stopped
and started with the DB2 system piece available to the library
search of the DBM1 address space, the LOAD utility will
operate as before.

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Modified date: 17 December 2016

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