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How to suppress MQ channel error messages from the error logs

Technote (troubleshooting)


The WebSphere MQ error logs fill with error messages such as:

AMQ9209: Connection to host '' closed.

You want to suppress these error messages.

Resolving the problem

There are 2 independent methods available to suppress messages:
1) At WebSphere MQ V6 and above, use SuppressMessage and SuppressInterval or ExcludeMessage in the QMErrorLog stanza in the qm.ini file.

- See Queue manager error logs for details.

- The MQ product documentation has a complete list of the message ids that can be specified in the qm.ini file.

- The APAR IZ48306 should be applied.

- You can also use the equivalent Extended queue manager properties in the WebSphere MQ Explorer.

- The AMQ9610 suppression message for a particular message comes out the first time a suppressed message is issued once the time interval expires.

2) The following 2 environment variables can be used: MQ_CHANNEL_SUPPRESS_MSGS and MQ_CHANNEL_SUPPRESS_INTERVAL

- There is no comprehensive list of message ids that can be included in the environment variable. However, the message ids need to be channel messages (AMQ9xxx).

- The environment variable MQ_CHANNEL_SUPPRESS_MSGS is comparable to SuppressMessage in the qm.ini file.

UNIX Example:

export MQ_CHANNEL_SUPPRESS_MSGS=9999,9002,9209

Windows Example:

set MQ_CHANNEL_SUPPRESS_MSGS=9999,9002,9209

OpenVMS Example:
Specify the variables as logicals.
$Define /system MQ_CHANNEL_SUPPRESS_MSGS "9999,9002,9209"

- The above specification will suppress the following messages:

- Up to 20 channel error message codes can be included in a comma-separated list. Refer to the SupportPac MP7A (WebSphere MQ for Windows V5.3 - Performance tuning for large clusters) for further details regarding this environment variable.

- The environment variable MQ_CHANNEL_SUPPRESS_INTERVAL is comparable to SuppressInterval in the qm.ini, although it is specified differently:

+ The default value is "60,5" which means: after the first 5 occurrences of a given message in a 60 second interval, any further occurrences of that message will be suppressed.
+ A value of 0,0 means: always suppress.
+ A value of 0,n where n > 0 means: never suppress. If you use this value, be sure that the APAR IY94250 is applied.

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