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Can Sametime work with Internet Sites enabled?

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Can you enable Internet sites on the Lotus Domino server where Lotus Sametime is installed?


This functionality is not available for Sametime 8.5.0 or earlier versions. An enhancement request has been submitted to Quality Engineering as SPR# JOGA6GLL4S and addressed in Sametime 8.5.1; see below for details.

Note: A Sametime server is resource intensive and should not be used for hosting, in addition to running the Sametime server.

Using Internet Sites in Sametime 8.5.1 and later

Beginning with Lotus Sametime 8.5.1, the Sametime server supports Internet Sites configuration. The Sametime Community server will refer to a single Web SSO document as set by the sametime.ini settings, while the underlying Domino server can be configured with and work with multiple Internet Sites.

To configure the 8.5.1 Sametime Community Server to work with Internet Sites, set the following parameters under the [AuthToken] section in the sametime.ini file:

  • ST_TOKEN_TYPE=LtpaToken
  • ST_ORG_NAME= <Organization - the organization name listed in the Internet Site document and the Web SSO document>

These values are taken from the Internet Site document.

Considerations when using Sametime embedded in the Lotus Notes client

The Notes client can be run in a Standard configuration or Basic configuration. When configuring Single Sign-On (SSO) for Notes clients, consider the following scenarios:
  • SSO with the default name of LtpaToken works for both standard and basic configuration only when using Web Configuration view, not with Internet Sites.
  • SSO with Internet Sites and the default name of LtpaToken works for only the Notes client standard configuration. The Notes client basic configuration does not work with Internet Sites and the default name.
  • SSO with Internet Sites and a custom token name can work for both standard and basic configuration if you install a fix for SPR# ALSR8P3E5C on the Domino authentication server. This fix is currently available as a test fix (hotfix) from IBM Support, with plans to include it in a future release of the Domino server.
  • The Notes 8 client basic configuration should list the Instant Messaging server using the fully qualified internet host name. This field is located in the Location Document on the local address book.

Therefore when configuring SSO using Internet Sites on a Sametime server in an environment when the Notes client basic configuration is used, use a custom named ltpatoken and the fix for SPR ALSR8P3E5C for consistent behavior for both Notes client configurations. Without these steps, the error that can occur is "Unable to login to Sametime because the Authentication Token could not be retrieved."

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