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MQPUT fails and you receive the following:



The message length exceeds the maxmsgl specified in the WebSphere MQ queue manager, queue and channel definitions.

Resolving the problem

The queue manager, queue and channel must have maxmsgl set to be large enough to hold your messages.

  1. Alter the queue manager maxmsgl.
  2. Alter the queue maxmsgl.
  3. Alter the channel maxmsgl.

Maxmsgl can be changed in runmqsc using the following commands:

C:\>runmqsc FRED
5724-B41 (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 1994, 2002.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
Starting MQSC for queue manager FRED.

alter qmgr maxmsgl(10000000)
     1 : alter qmgr maxmsgl(10000000)
AMQ8005: WebSphere MQ queue manager changed.

alter ql(client.queue.local) maxmsgl(10000000)
     2 : alter ql(client.queue.local) maxmsgl(10000000)
AMQ8008: WebSphere MQ queue changed.

alter chl(client.sdr) maxmsgl(10000000)
     3 : alter chl(client.sdr) chltype(sdr) maxmsgl(10000000)
AMQ8016: WebSphere MQ channel changed.

Maxmsgl (Maximum Message Length) can also be changed using the MQSeries Explorer panels:

1. Alteration of the queue manager maxmsgl (Maximum Message Length) property:

2. Alteration of the queue maxmsgl (Maximum message Length) property:

3. Alteration of the channel maxmsgl (Maximum message Length) property:

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