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UCM deliver is blocked by files from the lost+found directory

Technote (troubleshooting)


This technote explains how to resolve the error cleartool: Error: Checkout disallowed for element which prevents an IBM® Rational® ClearCase® UCM deliver from proceeding when files are in the lost+found directory.


While attempting to deliver changes in UCM, the following error occurs, and the deliver aborts:

cleartool: Error: Checkout disallowed for element "/view/pat_A_int/vobs/colors/lost+found/test1.txt
.8ddcf8ceeac811d78e070001809edca6": it belongs to a component that is read-only in this project.


The version of the parent directory that contains some newly added files was removed either by undoing the checkout (cleartool unco) or removing the version (cleartool rmver). This causes the files to be moved to the VOB's lost+found directory. Refer to technote 1120317 for more details on the lost+found directory and how files get moved there.

This issue is specific to subdirectory-level components (also known as subVOB components) or components stored in a Base ClearCase VOB, which is known as a Multiple component VOB. Refer to technote 1147165 for more details on this type of UCM component.

When using a subVOB component, undoing the checkout or removing the version of the directory, causes the newly added elements to move out of the component and into the lost+found directory. As a result, the checkout that is part of the deliver operation cannot proceed.

Resolving the problem

The problem elements that are preventing the deliver need to be moved from the lost+found directory back into the original parent directory. The deliver will then be able to proceed.

For example:

    user@host$cd /vobs/colors/lost+found
    user@host$cleartool mv test1.txt.8ddcf8ceeac811d78e070001809edca6 ../compA/test1.txt
    Moved "test.txt.8ddcf8ceeac811d78e070001809edca6" to "../compA/test1.txt"

Refer to technote 1120317  for more directions for moving files from the lost+found directory.

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