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ClearCase commands that DO NOT require a ClearCase license

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Which IBM Rational ClearCase commands do not require a ClearCase Atria license or a FlexLM license for usage?


You want to access ClearCase while the license server is not yet installed or unavailable. The cause can be network issues or a server crash..


The following cleartool sub-commands DO NOT require a ClearCase Atria License nor a FlexLM license.

  • setview

  • startview

  • edcs

  • setcs

  • catcs

  • man

  • help

  • apropos

  • pwv


Although not a sub-command of cleartool, cleartool -ver and cleartool -verall do not require a license.

All other commands require a license.

For more information on the above and all cleartool sub-commands, see IBM Rational ClearCase Command Reference, or run cleartool man.

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Modified date: 23 January 2009