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Error: 'Maximum forwarding loop count exceeded...' for recently added alternate Internet domain

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Your Domino Server receives messages for an alternate domain (, in addition to your company's domain ( The SMTP Domino server resides in a different Domino domain from the rest of the servers. is set up as follows:

-- The EMCA.COM domain is set up as an alternate Internet domain in the Global Domain document.

-- Users are registered users with their Internet address (john_doe@EMCA.COM).

-- The DNS MX records were changed.

Any message addressed to is not delivered and the following error message displays:

    "Maximum forwarding loop count exceeded, message probably in a forwarding loop".
No problems occur with internal messages to the same users (addressed to their hierarchical names). Person documents and Domain documents, which are the most likely suspects when mail is forwarded unexpectedly, appear to be correctly configured.


The Domino console shows that messages are delivered to the users' mail servers and then transferred back to the SMTP server. Since the SMTP Domino server and the rest of the servers are in different Domino domains, there are two Domino directories. This prevents the mail from sending correctly.


The workaround is to list the domain as an alternate Internet domain in the Global Domain document in both Domino directories.

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