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How to install the IBM Rational Suite and ClearCase LT Server on the same system

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This technote identifies how to install both the IBM® Rational® ClearCase® LT Server and IBM Rational Suite® on the same system.

Resolving the problem

Both products can be installed on the same system for evaluation purposes.
The ClearCase LT Server will need to be installed first and then followed by the Rational Suite.

Before installing, make sure that the system meets the minimum requirements. Review the Suite Release notes and validate you are using Supported Hardware and Software platforms.

To perform the installation you need the following:

  • Local administrator privileges
  • No other applications are running
  • Disable anti-virus software
  • Turn off any desktop environments that run on top of Microsoft Windows

The ClearCase LT Server as well as any product of the Suite can be run and used with a Suite license, either floating or nodelocked.

However, please be aware that ClearCase LT has a linger time of 30 minutes. A "linger" is a period in which the license server recognizes the product as being in-use after the user exits the software.

With a Floating evaluation license:

  • Install Rational License server from the rational solutions for windows CD
  • Launch the License key administrator and enter the license key using the license wizard.

With a Nodelocked evaluation license:
  • Launch the License key administrator and enter the license key using the license wizard.

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