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cleartool: Error: Pathname not found:"ûversion"

Technote (troubleshooting)


This technote explains why the results of an IBM® Rational® ClearCase® cleartool sub-command may yield strange characters in errors such as "ûversion" or "ôlbtype".


The below cleartool find command is executed in ClearCase 2003 and results in the following errors:

V:\VOB_NAME>cleartool find . -version "lbtype(LABEL_NAME)" -exec "cleartool mkbranch -nco my_branch\"%CLEARCASE_XPN%\"" -print

cleartool: Error: Pathname not found: "ûversion".
cleartool: Warning: Skipping "ûversion".

cleartool: Error: Pathname not found:


These errors are due to cleartool not recognizing the dash (or hyphen) in front of the version (-version).

There are two known causes related to this problem:

CAUSE 1: The cleartool sub-command was copied from a Microsoft® Word document (or similar program) and had unknown characters pasted into the command window.

There may be a problem with the command window if the prompt was opened from a shortcut.

Resolving the problem

Solution 1

Paste the command syntax into notepad and replace the unknown characters with a known character or remove the characters if not needed.

Solution 2

Start a command prompt window using Start > Run and type cmd, rather than using the shortcut and retry the command again.

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Modified date: 06 September 2006

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